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The real story behind the student and the high school gay German teacher

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I know more about this story than I am fee to talk about.  I don’t know the teacher though but I do know that administrators at the school got lots of hate mail from radical Christian types who said that they were taking up for the gay teacher and beating up on the student.  The mom brought the media in and the boy relished the media circus at one point saying aloud “I’m famous.” 

Read it at this link or the ones below:

Franks told friends that the harassment by Ary and his friends began several weeks ago after Franks, who also teaches sociology, posted on the “World Wall” in his classroom a photo, taken from the German news magazine Stern, of two men kissing. The photo was ripped off the wall and torn in two at some point during Ary’s class, and Franks told friends he believes that Ary or one of his friends tore up the photo.

During a later sociology class students upset that the photo had been torn up replaced it with a hand-drawn picture, and another student then covered that picture with a page bearing a hand-written biblical scripture from Leviticus calling sex between two men an abomination.

Franks told friends that since that incident, Ary and his friends had continued to make derogatory and harassing comments.

Franks’ friends also said that the teacher, a Fulbright scholar, has been the target of anti-gay harassment for at least the last two years, including having hateful messages left in his classroom and, in one case, having his car vandalized.

A spokesman for the group LGBTQ S.A.V.E.S. that was formed about a year ago to help protect students and teachers in the district from anti-gay discrimination and bullying, said that Franks told his version of the incident last week, before the current investigation was launched and Franks was required to sign a statement saying he would not discuss the incident with other teachers, administrators, parents or students. Vann said Franks denied getting angry and yelling at Ary, as Ary had said, and reiterated that Ary’s comments were not pertinent to any discussion in the class at the time.

Now if they had also called him out on anything else they would have been in trouble too.  Franks is a Jewish name.  So does Franks not believe in the Bible or in Jewish law?  I can tell you I’ve watched a lot of Netflix streaming videos and even Israeli orthodox Jews have homosexuals among them.  My take is that homosexuality is not really condemned in the Bible.  It’s just written that way.  The problem though is that I think schools are going too far, i.e., public schools, in pushing the gay and LGBT agenda down the pike and that no one dare say a word that is not PC to anybody.  Yet, the teacher can post a pic of two men kissing? Go figure.  I can’t.

Dick Morris can see Obama not running from his porch

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Some unnamed  former Bill Clinton advisor, probably that geeko-looking guy from NOLA, said that Obama won’t run in 2012 because he will lose and that Dem pols won’t like that.  Opening the door for Obama to run for another term in another slot.  That would not violate the Constitution. 

Dick Morris is just looking for attention.  Let’s all give him the 15 seconds of attention he deserves for reporting this crap.  I am NOT buying this one. 

Alabama Takes it to the ILLEGALS

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The state of Alabama has taken the law into its own coffers.  They have taken the fight directly where the illegals live and work.  Why did they do it?  The numbers now are at 120,000 illegals.  The state wants them to self deport.  Some are going back to California.  The only thing is that Texas, the freaking sanctuary state is between Bama and Cali. The new laws are the toughest in the country and the governor is a Republican. 

The law states that schools can also check the birth certificates of the illegal children.  Yes, there are illegals in the school system in case you didn’t know but teachers and schools are not allowed to ask why they have no SS number for a kid.  So they make up a number for them here. 

Rush to Christie and Palin: “If you want to get in—GET IN!”

Rush Limbaugh also touting how perfect St. Reagan was in keeping the RINOs at political arm’s length.  He said today to Palin and Christie just get in.


Amazon Kindle Fire: $199 taking orders now

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi
pre order now only $199.00

Listen I have an iPad and I paid $500.00 for from the Apple store nearby. Another teacher has the iPad 2 and she paid $600.00 for it.  I planned to get another tablet and I think this is the one. Damn I had Amazon stock and Apple stock and sold them both.  I could kick myself. Who knew?

At a press event in New York City on Wedesnday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took the wraps off the company’s tablet offering.

The Kindle Fire will sell for $199, will run a modified version of Google’s Android operating system, will feature a 7-inch display and will be deeply integrated with Amazon’s cloud storage system and its massive online content library of books, music and more. According to AllThingsD’s live blog of the event, pre-orders open for the Fire on September 28; devices will ship November 15.

Ahead of the official announcement, Bezos gave Bloomberg Businessweek some of the details about the tailor-made OS and the content that will be available on the Fire.

Dead Sea Scrolls ONLINE–LINK

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here’s the link you will need to access the Dead Sea Scrolls.  A museum in Israel has put this together.  Obviously you will need to translate the pages as well I am sure.  The original scroll is what you will search.  I have the books connected with them like The Nag Hammadi Library.  I was an earlier follower and reader of this find.  Love this thanks whomever did it.

“Doctor” Murry goes on trial today…will he beat the rap like Anthony?

Dr. Murray the graduate of Meharry Medical School who came from some island to attend medical school here goes on trial in the wrongful death of Michael Jackson.  Will he beat the rap like that Anthony woman did?  She’s white he’s black and from another country. 

I said from the getgo he was NOT innocent but guilty and the Jackson family to their credit pursued it. 

I’m in love ————–with Greek yogurt

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it took me forever to pronounce yogurt in french because it’s different and so is the taste of Greek yogurt.  I bought Chibani brand and it was like whip cream and sour cream mixed so rich but low fat.  I will never eat ice cream again.  it beats that frozen yogurt you pay so much for.  Now if someone could only turn it into frozen yogurt. 

Sly Stone Homeless in LA

In his heyday, he lived at 783 Bel Air Road, a four-bedroom, 5,432-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion that once belonged to John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas.

The Tudor-style house was tricked out in his signature funky black, white and red color scheme. Shag carpet. Tiffany lamps in every room. A round water bed in the master bedroom. There were parties where Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Miles Davis would drop by, where Etta James would break into “At Last” by the bar.

Just four years ago, he resided in a Napa Valley house so large it could only be described as a “compound,” with a vineyard out back and multiple cars in the driveway.

SOUL SURVIVOR: Sly Stone, now 68 years old, shows he can still get funky -- brandishing a Taser for a photo session in front of his Studebaker.

SOUL SURVIVOR: Sly Stone, now 68 years old, shows he can still get funky — brandishing a Taser for a photo session in front of his Studebaker.
'I like my small camper. I just do not want to return to a fixed home ... I must keep moving,' Stone says.

John Chapple
“I like my small camper. I just do not want to return to a fixed home … I must keep moving,” Stone says.

But those days are gone.

Movie Review: Moneyball

Moneyball buy it at Amazon. You will watch it over and over.



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Everything you love about baseball, everything you love about Brad Pitt is in Moneyball. It’s all up front, onscreen and full of wow. I loved this movie and give that rare five out of five stars and two Oscar nods. Director Bennett Miller was nominated for Best Achievement in Directing for: Capote (2005) and must have known he had another winner because it was saved for wide release until September 2011.

 Brad Pitt is Billy Beane. I think he channels Robert Redford for the part and it works. This film works on every level. One small exception I think that the film editor got a bit happy and should have nipped instead of tucked away a few more minutes to the film. Also, I like music with my movies. But that was the only detraction I found. Otherwise, no doubt the acting super with a movie featuring Brad Pitt at bat and it’s a swing and a hit, a big hit—60 feet out the ballpark kind of hit.

I am sure the baseball geeks know the history of Billy Beane and the 2002 baseball season of the Oakland Athletics. But I didn’t and I really enjoyed finding out. Moneyball is based on a true story of baseball player turned general manager of the Oakland Athletics, in other words a regular guy—a loser with a plan.

Beane’s gambit: take a cool, cerebral, calculated, computerized chance on replacement players. Beane gets the idea after a conversation with a geek with glasses Peter Brand (Jonah Hill). Beane steals him from another team—a famous number cruncher who thinks he can predict winners and losers with formulas. That’s not the only reason that divorced, father of one daughter needs help, the team is in a money crunch. They wrote the definition for bottom tier in terms of season loses and team players. The A’s can’t afford a better team. At one point Beane jokes that his team is a like an organ donor to the rest of the ball clubs—a liver here, a kidney there! But all jokes aside he wants to win something.

So Beane and Brand go fishing armed with stats instead of fishing poles. They fish in shallow waters and manage to reel in players who look good on paper, bad on TV and even worse in the eyes of talent scouts. The big fish must include an undervalued contract. It’s fun to watch Brand and Beane mix and match players to the field and to their chances of beating the odds. With Brand’s help he manages to get the players he needs but Billy’s efforts are thwarted by the A’s team manager (Phillip Hoffman) who does not get it; guts the odds so another losing season is in full swing. Beane needs good odds and a good team manager because the team owner does not have deep pockets—it’s 38 million versus a 138 million.

Director Miller’s Moneyball film is a meditation on the life of Beane told in flashbacks between a young, newly minted professional ball player and a middle-age GM who holds fast to the romance of baseball. But romance does not pay the salaries of the ball players. What’s more he finds that he must keep distance from them and the actual games. The screenplay and the cast touch every base for an exceptional home run.

There’s no denying Pitt this awards season. His regular-guy Billy Beane role delivers something else: a reminder that an A-list star can make a film as well as break it.