Curtain coming down on labor unions

Mount Tai

Image by kanegen via Flickr

I have to wonder aloud is it the unions that led to the offshore exodus of the last two decades? My parents both worked in factories back in the 1950s and 60s and those factories have long since closed. In fact my dad invented a part on the modern car seat that kept them from flipping forward as they used to do in the two door cars when the seat would push forward and not lock in place as they do now. But no line worker black or white is going to get credit for something done back in the dark ages.  On the other hand bloggers and right wing and left wing organizers can take credit for raising their voices against offshore loss to China, Taiwan and Viet Nam of jobs, especially manufactoring ones.

Remember the old days when a student, a college student or an adult who could speak good English could get a job at a call center? They went to India in a big way.  Who knew? Who knew that a job like teaching or government jobs that can’t be offshored would become the good jobs of today?  That’s why some conservatives want to gut the government literally.  Because it provides lots of jobs in fact the very few really good jobs for non whites.  I mean black folks. 

So maybe it’s time that the curtain comes down on labor unions who insisted that the wages rise to the 30 dollar range and counting plus outrageous benefits.  The minimum wage is a joke I mean who can life off less than 10 dollars an hour.  We have to reach a happy medium and not run the large employers out of the country and the many service jobs, many right here in Texas, not just minimum wage.

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