Race is real and not just a political construct

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racial distribution of blood types http://www.aboblood.com/

The Blood type story today has changed and mixed. ABO Blood typeshave survived for hundreds of millions of years without being lost, or further diluted or mutated, generally speaking. From the sampled distribution of Blood types around the world today, we see adaptation by migration, environment, habitat and region. Following is an overview of of Blood types, generally considering present-day geography.Blood Type OType O Blood, which is known as the standard form of Blood types is widely distributed over the whole world uniformly, where populations have mixed.

Blood Type A – Blood type A is seen widely Europe, especially prevalent in the heavily forested and mountain zones.

Blood Type B – Blood type B is seen in prairie and desert zones.

Blood Type AB – AB Blood type exists only rarely globally, and is the Blood type generated for the first time with the background where A type and B type interchange.

Publishing the ethnic differences in Blood type and the racial differences in Blood type is not, in the present-day world, considered to be politically correct. We compile and maintain this database through often times confidential sources. Every Blood gathering entity in the world must gather this information to stay in business, but almost every one of them is afraid to publish the racial and ethnic differences in Blood type, given the emotionally charged political climate. Discount Cord Blood Registry.

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For example, early European races are characterized by a very low type B frequency, and a relatively high type A frequency while the Asiatic races are characterized by a high frequency of types A and B. The following chart does not consider Rh factor and may vary in specific regions. It is also different for some very particular racial or ethnic groups. We have highlighted interesting pure anomalies.

The frequency with which Blood types are observed is determined by the frequency with which the three alleles of the ABO gene are found in different parts of the world. Variation in this allele frequency of the ABO gene reflects the social tendency of populations to marry and reproduce within their national, regional, or ethnic group. As people throughout the world intermingle to a greater degree, the distribution of the different Blood types will continue to become more uniform. Red cell antigens are the pheno-typical expression of our inherited genes. One of the most common questions that we get is about the the ethnic and racial distribution of human Blood groups. In response, following here is our collection of basic ABO Blood group data, sorted by people groups.

You can read some interesting articles at the first link.  I am an anthropologist and even blood types are arranged by racial groups. In other words one race has a preponderance of blood types over another. I discovered that myself and both my kids have A+ blood type and that is a white or European blood type.  In fact mostly A was found here before the admixtures started.  You would know that once again I had a blood disease and needed blood transfusions and that’s how I found my blood type.   


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  1. Your side bar on this page is overlapping everything else. I cannot read your article. I tried resizing my browser and I really wanted to read this, but no luck. Just thought you should know.

  2. Very interesting, I was studying this as part of research on blood types in my A&P II class. I’m glad I finally got to read it.

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