Republican candidates debate 2012—Perry did not back down

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We saw a number of political wheels take the stage at the RR library in Simi Valley.  What a beautiful setting.  I need to visit there next time I go to California.  Tonight with a ring side seat I watched some good debating tonight.  Romney and Perry were the stars but Newt Gingrich said some solid things and brought the nosegay to the party by wrapping up the GOP philosophy nicely.

Gov. Perry fed red meat to this base according to Rev. Al Sharpton tonight.  But if the GOP believe in NO minimum wage in the USA then the low wages that are part of the Texas economy are par for the course and that should not be the focus.  The focus should be the jobs created in Texas.  I’ve seen lots of businesses close down and others pop up like toast in their place.  Most jobs are service sector jobs.

What about education here?  We are educating everybody and every level here.  No other country in the world does that especially the first world governments.   They know better.

Considering Perry was the front-runner he did not perform according to his polls according to the pundits after the election.  Romney did a damn good job really.  He was surprising.  I predicted he would be one of the top-tier contenders and showed himself to be the biggest political wheel tonight.

But considering Perry was out for the first time I think he held his own.  That’s okay for starters but he has to bring it.  I think he needs to stronger defend the jobs created and focus on that and NOT on the wages because high wages obviously are job killers as the minimum wage which goes along with their philosophy.  So my advice to Perry emphasize the positive and defend it and ignore the negative things that are not working for your arguments. 

Probably the best team would be Perry and Romney or Romney and Perry.  Huntsman is so handsome but I don’t think he will get the nod.  Who will get the nod? When the time gets closer I might write more about it .


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