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Angola: Black woman wins Miss Universe


 Miss Angola
Lea Sangola asked her what she would change about her physique: “Thank God I am very satisfied with the way He created me, so I wouldn’t change anything. I consider myself a woman with so much inner beauty, with principles and values that I have received from my family and my education, so I plan to stay the same way. I’d also like to give you an advice: respect each other”.


Fourth Runner-Up: Miss China
Third Runner-Up: Miss Philippines
Second Runner-Up: Miss Brazil
First Runner-Up: Miss Ukraine
Miss Universe 2011: Miss Angola


Who should I endorse?

"The Honorable Rick Perry (front right), ...

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Romney just lost an endorsement to Rick Perry from a newly minted Nevada politician the governor of Nevada.  Well, he’s new to me.  I never heard of him.  I am thinking of writing something and endorsing Perry because it just don’t matter anymore in terms of who’s soft on immigration.  I mean we need a ten year moratorium on legal and illegal immigration.  Nobody gets in for the next ten years.  The problem is that the damn illegals will swim over here anyway.  But we need an official halt to all immigration for ten years.  That’s who I endorse.  That’s the top ticket.  So I am toying with the idea of writing an endorsement for Rick Perry but at the same time blasting the US stand on illegal immigration.  I mean they love these fucking illegals down in Texas you just don’t know how much.

Half-billion-dollar loan to the solar-panel maker Solyndra–burned


The Obama White House tried to rush federal reviewers for a decision on a nearly half-billion-dollar loan to the solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra so Vice President Biden could announce the approval at a September 2009 groundbreaking for the company’s factory, newly obtained e-mails show.

The Silicon Valley company, a centerpiece in President Obama’s initiative to develop clean energy technologies, had been tentatively approved for the loan by the Energy Department but was awaiting a final financial review by the Office of Management and Budget.

The August 2009 e-mails, released to The Washington Post, show White House officials repeatedly asking OMB reviewers when they would be able to decide on the federal loan and noting a looming press event at which they planned to announce the deal. In response, OMB officials expressed concern that they were being rushed to approve the company’s project without adequate time to assess the risk to taxpayers, according to information provided by Republican congressional investigators.

Solyndra collapsed two weeks ago, leaving taxpayers liable for the $535 million loan.

And it’s your money.  This was the green deal gone bad and now we have to foot the bill.  Is it a sort of pay for play up there.  I mean what’s going on up there as Jack used to say.  LOL  Obama should know better but I bet the lobby got the better of him and that greedy Kaiser must have pushed hard for this loan nearly half a billion dollars gone and the jobs gone too. Reports have it that the product production and price were as high as eagle shit.  That is just out of reach for a lot of people.  Besides this market has moved on to painted on solar panels.  I mean this technology is changing and getting cheaper in some cases not more expensive.  They really should have seen this shit coming.  Shame on you Obama and you can rat me out for saying it.

Bob Turner Wins old Weiner seat in NYC

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Just read it on Drudge that Bob Turner a republican won Anthony Weiner‘s old seat.  This is a Jewish stronghold so did the Jews take revenge against Obama’s position on Israel? I don’t know but that seat is no longer democratic as the dems rightly feared.

With the outcome of his own reelection effort 14 difficult months away, President Obama suffered a sharp rebuke Tuesday when voters in New York elected a conservative Republican to represent a Democratic district that has not been in GOP hands since the 1920s.

Bob Turner, the winner, cast the election as a referendum on Obama’s stewardship of the economy and, in the state’s Ninth Congressional District, which has a large population of Orthodox Jewish voters, the president’s position on Israel.

With 75 percent of the precincts reporting at press time, Turner had a commanding lead, with 53 percent of the vote, compared with 47 percent for Weprin.

Turner, 70, a retired cable TV executive who has never served in elective office, defeated Democratic State Assemblyman David Weprin, 55, who has two decades of experience in public service, to fill the seat left vacant when Anthony Weiner (D) resigned in disgrace in June after more than 12 years in the House.

I dreamt this headline “Jane Fonda Dies”

Jane Fonda
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It was just as quiet but true as the headline I saw before Obama won the election.  It was that same feeling, it was imminent.  I woke up after sleeping okay because dreaming about some of the pre WH days brings me comfort.  It’s as I said in the previous post that damn Viet Nam that I can’t watch or “stomach.”  So it was strange that the night ended this morning with my seeing this newspaper headline and heard the words “Jane Fonda dies.”  That’s really strange because she had her toes in everything including exercise and I think she influenced me a great deal to take exercise seriously.  I had not previously because raised and attending Catholic school all my life we did fencing, volleyball, and archery!  That’s all I knew.  But I became a jogger and would jog three to five miles a day, bike all over town regardless to how many cars I had just throw a bag over my back and take off because I loved being outside really.  Anyway, don’t know why I would see that because she’s fit and healthy as far as I know.  But this will serve as my tribute to her just the same because I guess one should give the woman credit for something.  She loved the Viet Cong and we should have all had another thought about that horrible never ending war.

So, Jane and Jim Fixx, he died while running, were my mentors in the exercise world. And who did I run with? I ran with FDR.  Yeah, that’s right we go back a long way not just the JFK days we go back lifetimes.  But his roots were way more radical than mine though, well, almost.  But I’ll finish with this: did you really see those JFK eyes in one of the pictures? I mean the ones where they bulge from his many diseases.  Those are Blavatsky’s eyes.  Yeah, I see right through them.  LOL

Jack had NO stomach for Viet Nam

JFK Tour of KSC

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While Jackie talks about his “stomach problems” in whispers and that he had colitiis.  It was much worse that that.  I know. He  died of stomach cancer in his life (as a woman) just before that one in his thirties leaving two young children.  So stomach problems is like an understatement of the decade is concerned. The real problem of that “life” was that fucking (excuse my french) Viet Nam.  So she reports JFK said “OMG kid, don’t remind me of Viet Nam I’ve been hearing about it all day.” He was thinking “that damn Viet Nam I don’t want to even hear those two words.” But he knew she had no idea how he had absolutely no stomach to go forward on that war.

He freaking hated it.  It really took the joy out of the office for him, really.  So, no wonder he and Bobby were concerned about LBJ.  I mean it begs the question did LBJ just sit on his hands and let that fucking war take off like a riderless horse?  That’s what it’s looking like.  Because the top brass I can tell you wanted nothing more than to escalate that war for their own anti communist purposes.  That was the beginning of the end for this country’s face in the world I tell you. 

Watching last night was so well done but it was gut wrenching for me.  I dreamt about some events last night.  I mean I’ve even dreamt of the basement place in one of the houses where we would go and watch movies! They were that wealthy.  Or was it the WH? Hell, I don’t know but.  I did wake up and saw this headline on the front page of a newspaper “Jane Fonda dies.”  And you know when she dies the media will drudge up Viet Nam.  I have never watched a movie with that theme, never watched a documentary with that theme and when the news came on about it would turn the channel if  I heard the words “Viet Nam.”  OMG is right.