Jack had NO stomach for Viet Nam

JFK Tour of KSC

Image by NASA on The Commons via Flickr

While Jackie talks about his “stomach problems” in whispers and that he had colitiis.  It was much worse that that.  I know. He  died of stomach cancer in his life (as a woman) just before that one in his thirties leaving two young children.  So stomach problems is like an understatement of the decade is concerned. The real problem of that “life” was that fucking (excuse my french) Viet Nam.  So she reports JFK said “OMG kid, don’t remind me of Viet Nam I’ve been hearing about it all day.” He was thinking “that damn Viet Nam I don’t want to even hear those two words.” But he knew she had no idea how he had absolutely no stomach to go forward on that war.

He freaking hated it.  It really took the joy out of the office for him, really.  So, no wonder he and Bobby were concerned about LBJ.  I mean it begs the question did LBJ just sit on his hands and let that fucking war take off like a riderless horse?  That’s what it’s looking like.  Because the top brass I can tell you wanted nothing more than to escalate that war for their own anti communist purposes.  That was the beginning of the end for this country’s face in the world I tell you. 

Watching last night was so well done but it was gut wrenching for me.  I dreamt about some events last night.  I mean I’ve even dreamt of the basement place in one of the houses where we would go and watch movies! They were that wealthy.  Or was it the WH? Hell, I don’t know but.  I did wake up and saw this headline on the front page of a newspaper “Jane Fonda dies.”  And you know when she dies the media will drudge up Viet Nam.  I have never watched a movie with that theme, never watched a documentary with that theme and when the news came on about it would turn the channel if  I heard the words “Viet Nam.”  OMG is right.


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