Kara Kennedy dies after workout

Oh boy, what a way to go.  I was just talking about Jane Fonda and Jim Fixx who are my mentors and workout gurus.  Jim Fixx died with this running shoes on and during a run.  Kara was diagnosed and treated for lung cancer in 2002 and survived.  But survival of cancer does not mean that the body has not been weakened overall.  This may have been the case for this woman of 51 years who had a heart attack at the Washington area health club.  Kara was married to someone named Allen but she is divorced and they had two kids together which have survived her.  She is the same age as Caroline, or rather a couple of years younger actually.  I wonder if they were close friends? Maybe not.  They did live nearby because Washington is not far from NYC where Caroline lives.  I see Caroline living a long life probably because she had a short life just before this one.  Somebody has to carry on for the Kennedy clan LOL.

Dying during or after workouts happens because I did a 5K run last week and I noticed that they had an ambulance at the start line.  Good thing.  I ended up running the whole race and won second place medal for my age group.  I did not train for it which is amazing in itself.  And I wake up with muscle aches almost every morning because I had a back injury a long time ago and my back has gone out many times.  Then it causes referred pain to the knees and other muscles.  That’s all in a day’s work for Heloise.  But the thought also hit me about Kara because I just added another granddaughter to the clan and she was supposed to have been born around this time but came a few weeks early and premature.  No one in my immediate family has died though.  What ancestor could this new baby be?

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