The Big Lie

Ida May Fuller, the first recipient

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If Obama can pull off this tax hike coup he might have a chance at re election.  Why? Because we have all know for a long time that not hiking taxes on the rich is a big lie.  If Bush was able to get away with it does not mean it was real.  The thing is we see the results.  I am not for big government and the big rollout of tanks across the global landscape but I am for taxing the rich at a higher rate.

When I was doing my taxes a few years back and looked at the tax rates for those making say 20,000 a year.  I thought why should anyone making that amount have a tax rate at all? But they did and if single they had to pay at the 33% rate like everybody else.  A brand new grad from college with a brand new job was pretty much in the poor house unless they could use some of the many tax loopholes.  At this point with my salary and my nearing retirement I put away a large part of my salary into more than one place.  I will get Social Security and pension from the TRA and whatever savings, selling house if I want to, and downsizing for retirement.

But I was able to use the same loopholes that the rich do and decided I am not going to pay a whole lot of taxes for them to spend it on killing people or plain wasting it.  I was formerly a welfare mom, a college student raising two kids, and welfare was a temporary thing for me and many other I knew.  But for the vast majority of black women in Chicago it was a lifestyle and that’s sad.

My college degrees have paid for themselves many times over.  I was lucky I only owed 12,000 when I graduated and I paid it off pretty quickly.  But my daughter owes six figures for her education. 

We have got to raise taxes on the rich and stop wasting money on the wrong things whatever that is.  In my book it’s mostly war and rebuilding other countries. 


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