What if Sarah Palin were black?

Sarah Palin at the Time 100 Gala, in Manhattan...

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I keep reading all the bad news for Obama. And indeed, nothing personal, he has not done the job he was hired to do.  But with the whispers that we don’t need to add Sarah Palin to the mix, she claims to be adding herself.  I wonder aloud what would things be like politically speaking if Sarah were black?

Yes, she’s hot to trot and many men have expressed that idea when she was first trotted out by the GOP and McCain.  What else is new?  If the black Sarah were just as hot the first thing we would hear “she got the job because she looks good!”  What an airhead, black people are dumb and black women are hoes.  Pretty much what we heard about white Sarah right? 

First of all she would not be getting all continuous press or it would be too much to bear.  If John McCain had picked Sarah, all things being equal, a black woman, as his running mate where would we be now.  If the black Sarah was just like the white Sarah, except she was black, would she still be the laughing stock of the dems?  Would she receive the unending speculation? Would John McCain have lost by more points? 

What if they had won?  Would the world, at least in the USA, talk about how off task she is? How impossible it is to get anything out of her but a speech? 

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  1. I don’t understand the true purpose of your some-what childish “what if” speculations in terms of what they add to in intellectual / political discussions or analysis.

    I guess that for every snapshot of humanity, of life, one can speculate on a “what if” and the genesis of your “what if”, begs for a “what if” itself….

    You just say, “…all things being equal…”, but you must make it equal before you pose the “what if”. In your “What if” scenario, you give the white woman an identity, a personality, – Sarah Palin – but you fail to do so with a black woman, so obviously, all things are not equal, and furthermore it really is playing the “race card” anytime color is mentioned, whether or not the person intends it that way. In this case it does come off as though you are playing it because you not only ask, “…what would things be like politically speaking if Sarah were black…”, but then you answer it, and completely erroneously I might add, by saying, “First of all she would not be getting all continuous press…”, to which I say, of course she would.

    I’ll illustrate it this way:
    What would things be like politically speaking if John McCain had picked Tyra Banks, the founder and CEO, of a 25mil/year production company, Bankable Productions – now is when you can throw in, “…all things being equal” – I guarantee you that she would indeed, be getting all continuous press.

    Sarah isn’t getting all continuous press because she is white, she is getting it for the same reasons that, all things being equal, Tyra would be getting it – the media, the cameras, love beautiful sensual women of power, the camera could care less about the color. Sarah exudes what the cameras like These revelations about her sexuality are only new in print but when Sarah broke into the scene, most of the men I know, including myself, in some little recess of our subconscious, “knew”, that she was one hot woman. Neither Hilary nor Condoleezza would get the same amount of media hounding – especially Hilary, a white woman.

    As to, would Tyra be the laughing stock of the dems – if she was as spacey, clueless, ditzy, whateva – but of course!

    When it comes to the modern day medium of the media, there is a color blindness as the camera’s eye seeks out that personality – Barak has it, McCain didn’t, and desperately sought it in Sarah.

    In closing, I will leave you with a “Had” instead of a “What if”:

    “Had”, Sarah Palin been as well versed, as knowledgeable, as Condoleezza Rice or Hilary Clinton, you can bet your bibby, that McCain would be getting the blame right now for being where the country is; the forth coming “Rogue” would rock The White House; Obama would be on the trail on his way to a win in 2012.

    • What ifs lead to critical thinking. I am into thinking and write what comes to mind as a question that can be discussed or not. There are a lot of what ifs attached to this question. Don’t leave home without what ifs LOL.

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