Google Fox Debate In Florida: Perry loses face on illegals issue

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Thus far this debate has been more even-steven for Romney v Perry.  They are both getting in some good parrys and back and forths.  Each one slam one.  But when it came to illegal immigration Perry got roasted.   Right now Bachman is talking and she is beating that same old vaccinated horse.  I have her on pause so I can fast forward it.  That’s not the worse thing Perry has done.  No, welcoming, along with the rest of the white folks in Texas, illegals with open arms and a big pair of boots to cover their wet muddy feet before they step across the threshold of the University of Texas at Austin.  Yep they are welcome there.

All you have to do is to look around this state which has become a sanctuary state and you will see that while lots of folks rail against the illegals here, on the ground in the real world I see white people who relish and give illegals their kids to raise, their old clothes, their old cars, their old jobs and their left over monies.  I mean there is no limit to the largesse of whites towards Mexicans and illegals from what I see.

As for jobs here new or old jobs are filled by Spanish speaking people period.  End of story.  The only area here and in California that they have not totally taken over are pharmaceutical jobs and taking over the MD degree.  But those are at the high end but it’s coming and the day is coming when Spanish speaking, illegals, Mexicans and legal immigrants will replace English speaking people in all walks of life and we will all have to speak some sort of spanish dialect or standard Spanish (which most of the poor ones we see here DO NOT SPEAK standard Spanish) but some dialect.  But like the creoles can understand what is being said.

That said Perry messed up giving that tuition break to illegals here.  And the feds have us all in deep doo doo with the anchor babies gaining automatic citizenship.   Somone noted that the Republicans are not talking poverty like they used to.  Well to talk poverty means to also talk numbers, numbers of children that the illegals have once they get here to get more welfare, and the number of jobs they take from honest citizens and the number of welfare benefits they qualify for and the minimum wage number that goes down each and every time a bunch of them get hired to fill hotel jobs and the construction jobs that built the hotel in the first place.

Oh I know if we did not have cheap labor then we would not have the building going up in the first place.  That’s the argument used about the housing market boom and bubble.  The illlegals building homes here has backfired on everybody.  Housing glut, housing bubble, housing meltdown, we are all in this deep recession together because we simply had too much cheap labor.  You can have too much of “good” cheap “illegal” thing. Yes, you can. 


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