Illegals LINKED to Economic Meltdown

Bangladeshi illegals in India.

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Here’s a link with snapshot of what people are thinking about Perry and those who provide welfare and welcome to illegals.  This is on the same level as universities in this country who fill their engineering classes with foreign students.   My take: this is what led to 9/11 the open arms, welcome and money taken and given by universities who need to fill seats in their math and engineering departments made 9/11 possible IMO.

We also know that the damn wars have also caused the meltdown and a damn president from Texas who again gave away the country to the rich and sent our enemies billions of dollars in foreign aid and we are still doing it.  I don’t mean Israel they get a drop in the bucket compared to other places like Pakistan who are not our friends.  Bush put that horrible pig-faced AG Gonzalez in place.  Would Perry appoint a bunch of Mexicans too?


Now we have the advent of a crushing number of illegals.  And Perry is worse on illegal immigration than I thought.   Perry looks good on camera but bad on paper.  He has given away the state and you can see evidence of it every freakin day.  I had no idea how much he has given to illegals to go to university.  But it is the libs at the university who want this. They need to fill seats and will partner with anybody to do so. 

Look at the jobs that teenagers used to hold: MacDonalds, entry-level jobs at large businesses, grocery stores, fast food places and small businesses.  These jobs are now all filled with bilingual illegals and legal immigrants from south of the border including  Mexico because they speak Spanish.  The basic entry level and minimum wage jobs are now filled with people from Mexico both legal and illegals.  That’s why teens can’t get a job.

Then there is the economic meltdown of 2008 and the banks that were in bed with the drug cartels and the money from Mexico that flowed here and needed laundering.  Then there is the housing glut created by the illegal workforce in large states including Nevada.  It has all backfired on the country whose politicians try to tell us immigration is good for the bottom line.   It’s linked only the politicians won’t connect those dots because they think you are not that smart to catch their tricks. 

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