Jackie: “back surgery for Jack was criminal”

Jackie Kennedy's Official White House Portrait

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I just got the book and tapes Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy with foreward by Caroline Kennedy. I happened to get my copy at Barnes and Noble and it is a first edition.  You can get copy at Amazon:
 Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy

Jackie recorded conversations only four months after JFK’s death.  I put the first one in the DVD player and nothing happened.  I knew it wasn’t the disc.  So I slapped the player around a few times and tried other CDs in it.  I had not used the darn thing in months and it was just sitting collecting dust.  Well, the thing fired up after I hit it a couple of times and listened first to the sound of Caroline’s voice.

Then an introduction by Michael Beschloss.  He reminded me of what one thing I already knew and had experienced in dreams more than once:  Jack and Jackie married September 12, 1953.  My daughter was born September 12, 1973.  How can that be?  I cover that and more in my book on the laws of rebirth which no one else, including the highest of the high Buddhists have given out.  Why? Because they were not given the mantle to do so. 

The tapes told me something I didn’t know that JFK helped the Egyptian government to save a important site when the Aswan damn was being built.  I mean we the USA sent them money to help out.  In return they sent  something from the temple of Dendera, not sure what have to look it up, as a gift.  My daughter’s middle name “Dendera.”  

The other connection comes in the way of Jack’s back.  I once had this strange vision and had a flashback about my back being opened up.  Didn’t realize it was about surgery but always had this nagging feeling about my back not being safe and that something, someone attached my back and it opened.  That’s spine surgery for you.  And Jackie said that Jack no more needed surgery on his spine than Arthur did at that moment.  More karma to come.  Whether or not Jack needed surgery it has replayed itself in this life because I spent 5 years working for who else? Spine surgeons before I left Chicago in 1995.  I enjoyed it.  But knew that many who went for the surgery did not really need it.   Orthopaedic surgery is better now than it used to be.  Jackies said that a woman doctor named Janet saved Jack by giving him trigger point injections of novocaine into his back.  She did not use the medical lingo like I just did but that is the only thing it could have been.   She probably pioneered it.  Of course, his back got worse and weaker and was always on crutches for a surgery he did not need.  But the meds helped him to recover finally.  He and FDR sympatico that they are both were damn near cripples in the White House.

Finally the way that Jackie restored the WH is the way that it has remained.  She and Jack loved history and researched it and hired a woman named “Parrish” to do much of the work.  I have a connetion with a “Parrish” family in this life.   Surprising to know that RFK returned to a family by that name.   Well, one day.  I think that many of us were brought to Texas and just told to “wait there.”  We are waiting for what’s next even though I’ve taken steps to ensure the record is straight on whom returned as whom.   More about that later.

Jackie is starting from the beginning of when he wanted to be president.  Then she moves onto their early life together about his frequent awayness and tired from all the campaigning and she was pregnant and could not be with him.  It is really a good book and recording of history IMO.  I know that listening to it will bring a flood of new dreams and memories just like the Diane Sawyer special did.  Lots of people don’t want to hear it or think it is over the top adulation for Jackie and for Jack.   But there is much more here than meets the eye or the ear.  You’ll see.


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