The real story behind the student and the high school gay German teacher

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I know more about this story than I am fee to talk about.  I don’t know the teacher though but I do know that administrators at the school got lots of hate mail from radical Christian types who said that they were taking up for the gay teacher and beating up on the student.  The mom brought the media in and the boy relished the media circus at one point saying aloud “I’m famous.” 

Read it at this link or the ones below:

Franks told friends that the harassment by Ary and his friends began several weeks ago after Franks, who also teaches sociology, posted on the “World Wall” in his classroom a photo, taken from the German news magazine Stern, of two men kissing. The photo was ripped off the wall and torn in two at some point during Ary’s class, and Franks told friends he believes that Ary or one of his friends tore up the photo.

During a later sociology class students upset that the photo had been torn up replaced it with a hand-drawn picture, and another student then covered that picture with a page bearing a hand-written biblical scripture from Leviticus calling sex between two men an abomination.

Franks told friends that since that incident, Ary and his friends had continued to make derogatory and harassing comments.

Franks’ friends also said that the teacher, a Fulbright scholar, has been the target of anti-gay harassment for at least the last two years, including having hateful messages left in his classroom and, in one case, having his car vandalized.

A spokesman for the group LGBTQ S.A.V.E.S. that was formed about a year ago to help protect students and teachers in the district from anti-gay discrimination and bullying, said that Franks told his version of the incident last week, before the current investigation was launched and Franks was required to sign a statement saying he would not discuss the incident with other teachers, administrators, parents or students. Vann said Franks denied getting angry and yelling at Ary, as Ary had said, and reiterated that Ary’s comments were not pertinent to any discussion in the class at the time.

Now if they had also called him out on anything else they would have been in trouble too.  Franks is a Jewish name.  So does Franks not believe in the Bible or in Jewish law?  I can tell you I’ve watched a lot of Netflix streaming videos and even Israeli orthodox Jews have homosexuals among them.  My take is that homosexuality is not really condemned in the Bible.  It’s just written that way.  The problem though is that I think schools are going too far, i.e., public schools, in pushing the gay and LGBT agenda down the pike and that no one dare say a word that is not PC to anybody.  Yet, the teacher can post a pic of two men kissing? Go figure.  I can’t.


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