Chris Christie: Of Book and Bulk

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie

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It seems to me that most serious presidential candidates will write at least one book before they throw their hat in the ring or name in the hat (Sarah Palin).  But Chris Christie has done little about his bulk and nothing about a book in the year preceeding this one.  Is it de rigeur for one to write a book beforehand? It doesn’t hurt and most of the time it actually helps. 

Rick Perry, his moderate and soft on illegal alien stance, was not really a big part of his book “Fed Up!”  Well, that’s what the people of Texas and other states are really saying to the business and the pols we are fed up with the freebies and the magnets that bring so many illegals here from Mexico in particular.  We have too much legal immigration too.  But that is being swallowed up by the vast illegal alien invasion in the southwest that is spreading to the northeast quickly.

Former Gov. Richardson was also a talking head today and he was so dirty politically that Obama could not give him a high-profile job.  Good riddance to Gov. Richardson I say.  He threw his two cents in about Rick Perry but it did not add up to much. 

Famously, Obama wrote two damn books before he ran and people are still mining them for gems of self confession about being a lefty so far that he borders on Communist and socialism. I don’t care about that.  But I am not voting for any political neophytes and no fatties.  LOL


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