Rick “Sundown” Perry still hunting at family’s “Niggerhead” hunting lodge? updated

Perry Event 2/1/2010

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and this gem from Dailykos (which I usually don’t quote)

Rick Perry grew up in a sundown town. As James Loewen exhaustively and masterfully documents, there were thousands of these communities across the country where blacks (and in some cases Jews, Mexicans and other non-whites) were not allowed to live, journey through, or be present in after dark. These towns were often created by racial violence and the wholesale ethnic cleansing of non-whites through murder, forced exile, rape, banishment, theft, and violence.

Mr. Sullivan added that neither the governor nor his family ever “owned, controlled or managed” the property, which he said was owned by a Texas charity called the Hendrick Home for Children. A Hendrick employee said on Sunday that she was not aware of the name and referred questions to her boss, who did not respond to a phone call seeking comment.

In an interview with The New York Times on Sunday, Wallar Overton, the son of Mr. Perry’s scoutmaster in his home county of Haskell, said the hunting camp had always been known by that name.

“It’s just what it was called from Day One,” Mr. Overton said. “I personally am not offended by the name, and I don’t like the word.”

“That’s just what people call it,” he said.

Davis on his radio show this am said that the name of the leased hunting lodge was not noticed or was no big deal to those who came to the ranch.  The name was still visible.  So what does that say about white people in Texas?  It does not matter? It’s the name of a chewing tobacco?  It was used back in the day?  Is this the race card played by Herman Cain as alleged by Mark Davis? 

Somebody knows something. My guess is that when they saw the name on the stone the “head” they probably laughed about it.  That’s what people do when they are uncomfortable.   If they did not own the place then they could not remove the rock, given.  But it sounds like if it were still visible they need to cover it with something.  That’s my take. 

Herman Cain gave Amanpour an earful when he said what she skirted in her question about Perry and his hunting ranch bought in the 1980s that had a big rock that was painted over.  Cain said I’ll say what you won’t it was called “Niggerhead” and it was painted over but we don’t know when.

I told you I would not vote for anyone from Texas because they are the best racists I’ve ever seen.  Subtle but real racism. They love illegals  down here in Texas and don’t buy any other excuse as to why we are overrun with them.   They don’t want anybody who is  black to come and work for them or fill up their welfare rolls and free hospital services.  Just don’t be black, don’t be a nigger in Texas especially in the last century.  I am so glad I did not grow up here.  I am here now but it takes a lot of  shit side stepping to avoid to blatant racism here. 


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  1. I find this stereotyping of Texans kind of offensive. I am a white female, Native Texan and Rick Perry hater. I think you are discounting a lot of tolerant, educated, liberal minded people who reside in this densely populated state; and it’s because of blog posts and statements similar to the one you are making that “all Texans” are racist. I have never even heard of this lodge, but of course it’s offensive! Just because they are playing politics doesn’t mean EVERY Texan saw the sign, laughed and drove on. Be reasonable. Are there racists here? Sure. Are there racists in New York? You bet. Don’t stereotype a whole state because that’s no different that stereotyping a race of people.

    • You are the very ones I work with and see everyday. I said you people love mexicans and illegals. You don’t hate everybody. I don’t get invites or welcomes from the people I work with. I do have some nice white lib neighbors though. And get a rare invite to something. White people just want everyone at arms length and so do I. It is not a crime. And I am not saying all white Texas folks are racists. Whites just don’t see themselves is what I am saying only each other.

  2. Your ignorance and perpetuation of a feeling people don’t actually have is sad.

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