Christie is just a loud mouth Sicilian-Irish who is not running for Prez–good

I looked up Christie on wikipedia and checked out a few links.  His dad is Scottish Irish and immigrated here in the 1850s.  Okay, and his mother is Sicilian and died recently.  This guy is no great politician, no god send.  He is just a loud mouth confrontational type.  He has mafia ties no doubt.  He would have been on RFK list of white men behaving badly.

The Chris Christie Mafia Connection

So just how bad is the connection between the NJ Mafia and Chris Christie? Well Christie’s Aunt was married to the organized crime family the Genovese crime family . The connection is with Tino Fiumara who has been convicted twice on racketeering charges and sentenced to 25 years in federal prison. Fiumara also has been linked by investigators to several grisly murders, The Times reported. It is also common knowledge the members of the mafia marry into other families with mafia connections.

Christie told The Times he learned of Fiumara’s involvement in organized crime in 1977, when Christie was 15 and Fiumara was 36, by reading The Star-Ledger of New Jersey. The limited interaction between Christie and Fiumara over the past 30 years included the two bumping into each other once in the mid-1990s at a restaurant and a scheduled encounter in 1991. Both encounters occurred before Christie became New Jersey’s top prosecutor in 2002.


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