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Romney and Christie that’s the ticket (updated)

Renee Schulte and Mitt Romney

Image by CR Artist via Flickr

My take it will be Mitt Romney because he has been running for years now.  The GOP always gives the stinker the next shot.  Then there is that yuk factor like the one they overlooked with that uber lib by the name of John McCain.  Who paired up with a T party gal named Sarah Palin.  That was the ticket  that could not win.

I predicted Romney nod anyway a long time ago.  Yes, they might reconsider Perry if he does not further implode.  But the illegal issue is going to dog the rich Romneys and the less rich Perrys and the less right GOP as it runs its 2012 race pushing Christie into the VP slot, or rather squeezing him.  He’s conservative enough and has mafia connections too.

Update: Chris Christie today endorsed Mitt Romney for prez.   He really is a smart, fluffy, guy.  That’s the way to do it come out early, predict, lead with your endorsement.  I tried to get a bunch of folks to come out early for Obama.  I pleaded with my old brother Ted to endorse and also Al Gore.  Ted did get off the Chris Todd sinking ship and he and Caroline endorsed Obama early on. 

Smart move from a smart, but fat, man.   


Helicopter crashes in New York’s East River, Coast Guard says


Breaking story.  I think they pulled the people out of the river.