Movie Review: The Ides of March (Spoiler alert)

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Politicians make policies and George Clooney makes movies.  He has directed and starred again in his own brand of movie.  It was the same ol’ same ol’. You’ve seen this movie before I promise.  Ryan Gosling was great.  He was pretty much the star.  Clooney the Candidate Morris is the sitting governor running for president.  It did not seem like a real campaign it seemed staged and campy and safe.  Way too safe.

The acting was good I must admit.  But the story was rehash and the scandal was not interesting.

Here goes: Morris has a presidential campaign going and they are in Ohio and are trying to win Ohio because “As Ohio goes so goes the nation.”  It’s a must-win state…really? They have the same boring talking heads in the background such as Maddow and John King on TV and saying crap that did not amount to much.

Then there was the scandal.  Gosling decides to screw the little blonde bee-worker or intern and while in the bed her phone rings at two in the morning.  So he asks her why her phone is ringing and she gets nervous.  So he calls the number back and finds that it belongs to guess who: Clooney’s candidate Morris! Wow, so shocking.  I was floored…just kidding.  Then later she confesses that she slept with him just one time because he closed the door behind her.  The big reveal is that she is preggers.  Oh no, do tell more she needs an abortion.

She claims to be Catholic but has a real Jewish name and said she cannot ask her father who is the DNC chair Jack Stern.  So Gosling gives her the money.  In the meantime he gets the boot from the Morris camp for meeting with the other camp and thinking of going there to work because Morris cannot win.

Big freaking deal.  Gosling gets fired and the blonde, white girl who he left to have her abortion gets upset when he does not return her calls after the procedure.  So, she takes the pills that they give her and she is found dead in her hotel room. Gosling gets there in time to pick up her phone and see that she is dead.

Gosling meets with Clooney and is able to get his job back due to possible blackmail. 

Then Gosling goes to the funeral of the blonde white girl he slept with and dumped and then he goes to some stadium or something and puts on an earjack and sits in the dark.  Then a voice asks him how he got back on top and now in charge of the Morris command where he was the second in command when he got the boot.

So, he sits looking out into the abyss and the camera and that’s it.  What?  Not even a WTF but a what.  So I guess there could be a part two.  I don’t think it will last in the theaters.  I give it three stars for good acting.  As soon as the word gets out this film will not beat the odds.   Oh sure he had the Obama look in his poster except that “Morris” looked ridiculous. But what the hell does that mean?  This guy does not resemble any type of juicy scandal we have had.  The Candidate it ain’t the Politician is ain’t  It’s not even the ides of March.  It was way too safe for my taste.  It’s not a thriller so don’t expect one. 


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  1. This is entertaining even if suspense barely builds and pay-off revelations come with little surprise. Clooney, as a director, is also able to draw-out amazing performances from this whole ensemble cast. Great review. Check out mine when you get the chance.


    “The Candidate it ain’t the Politician is ain’t”
    Are you retarded this sentence makes no sense at all and obviously you don’t know how to use punctuation. I suggest you go back to elementry school and learn grammar. You must be a Paki or some other non-English speaking ethnicity.

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