More wisdom from Jackie the best first lady ever

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While waiting for my appointment I looked at the People magazine cover which Jackie graces for this week.  Picture this: Inside Jackie is there in all her glory and one picture in particular caught my attention.  It was Jack and Jackie sitting on a chaise both dressed in black tops and white pants.  He was smoking a cigar and looking as cool as a cucumber with dark glasses.  The birth of beauty and style.  Who knew? Jack was such a slob when younger and wore grunge look with pride and the same old tennis shoes even with black tie.  More about that later.

In tape four Jack seeking to assemble his cabinet and wanted to have the transition team in place in the event he won the election.  Jackie said that like a doubting Thomas (my metaphor) Bob McNamara came to JFK and asked him only one question: did you write “Profiles in Courage?” Damn.  With no swagger or boast Jack simply said yes, I wrote it. And that brought Jackie to talk about Ted, Sorenson that is.  Who wisely or foolishly or accidently planted that seed of doubt that Jack wrote Profiles.  Jackie said after that McNamara had this worship thing for Jack. 

One more thing from the tape/book I had a long day and the right side of my neck has been bothering me for weeks so I will make this short: She said that Bobby had no ambition for himself.  His becoming the AG was entirely from the mind of his dad Joseph.  Bobby turned it down and said that he and Ethel were going away and he just wanted to teach somewhere.  But that was never to be. 

Jack finally called him into the offie and told him that he just had to accept the post of AG.  And history seems to be telling us now that Bobby will probably be the last best AG this country will ever have.  Bush dedicated the building in DC to RFK and deservedly so.  We were like fingers on the same hand and found each other in many lifetimes before and since. 



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