GOP Dartmouth Debate: Perry gets pushed to the fringe by Romney and Cain

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

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The subject was money.  The subject was the economy.  The subject was not poor people or the nouveau poor.  That will have to wait for another day or debate.  Some are concerned about this concentration of economic talk in one debate to the exclusion of say Israel and Palestine status.  But that too can wait. 

Romney did shine in this debate and Perry well he was dull as an old nickel. Ouch.  The Perry token got left at the prom.

Can lack of debate skills keep one out of the WH, yes to that question and no.  Obama was also a slow starter.  Heloise gave him lots of help though bailing him out time and again with momentous articles and jabs at his opponent McCain.  But not so fast, not this time. I am not bailing out anyone.  No one is paying me for Monday morning tips ala Morning Joe.  I am not making the big bucks for that.  So, I will keep my comments cogent like them or not.

It was all about money and who has the best ideas.  They did not skirt the issue of the feds and Bernanke.  I don’t think anyone will keep him but you know they MUST replace him with another Jew or die in the polls. They cannot even hint at a name at this point as Cain was pressed to do when he opened his big mouth in the first place.  I hope Bernanke does not replace himself in the end.

At this writing I am still watching the debate but the verdict is in: Perry got punked by Romney. I can say that with confidence now that I’ve watched it.  Cain and Romney were the front side-by-side seat sitters and the contenders and I guess the new top-tier.  Who won debate: looks like Romney did and he is looking like a winner especially with his crisp, newly minted, Christie endorsement which could lead to Christie on the ticket as VP which I have already predicted before the endorsement.

It’s probably a cliche to say that Perry lacked luster, but the metaphor fits and Perry will wear it like a ten-gallon hat.  One commentator made a good point about ole Perry that he is a newbie when it comes to understanding how the federal system works and about foreign policy.  Rick was actually more powerful as Lieutenant Gov of  Texas than he was as Gov because of the structure in the state here.  I guess we in Texas are stuck with an empty hat and sold-off cattle.

I said I was not voting for Perry any how nor Ron Paul.  I don’t know who I will vote for.  Hispanics are thinking of staying home because they feel sold out by both parties and blacks and whites have been sold out by both parties in favor of illegal aliens and the freebies that just ain’t free. 


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