“Two Parties—One Greed” my contribution

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Seek solutions instead of saviors.  That’s why for me this global occupy and Occupy Wall Street is all about the parties, the two parties that we have in this country who have sold us out.  It does not matter if the party is Dem or GOP or if the man is black or white or both.  The money that it now takes to become president is obscene.  It is all about the money IMO and I think that is what people are reacting to the greed is wide as the ocean.  OWS need to start with two criminals: Chris Dodd and Barney Frank for the infamous Frank-Dodd bill.

We are living in an ocean of greed.  It does not matter which party is in power or what the professed creed.  I believe it is ONE GREED.  Two parties—One Greed.  We can do better in this country.  We can bring jobs back if we look for solutions instead of saviors. 


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