Who won tonight’s TWRP Debate?

Newt Gingrich

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Tonight’s GOP debate continued with illegal immigration.  And Anderson went there to the 14th amendment that is misused to give illegals the anchor law I call it.  That is what the 14th amendment has become.  So I say we need to repeal the anchor law which is in turn the 14th amendment.  That is one thing that Pat Buchanan points out in his new book.  Heloise has been saying it now boldly online for five years at least.

Anderson Cooper asked point blank should we repeal the 14th amendment.  Bachman said should we not allow anchor babies as her response.   Anchor baby issue should be dealt with in a legal way. 

Rick and Romney went at it on illegal immigration and each other tonight. Rick attacked Romney on his illegal lawn care hires like three times and got booed the third time…and then Mitt hit back with telling Rick to let me finish because they were talking over each other for seconds and Rick was getting really mad.

They both argued and at least three times Mitt was attacked by his other debaters. Santorum attacked Mitt on his health care in Mass and then Mitt attacked Rick on his magnet of tuition for illegals. Then the fact that Texas has more illegals coming into the state than any other state such as Florida and California. They all came to Texas because it is really easy here for them.

Tonight is the Western Republican Presidential Debate. They really attacked Cain‘s 999 plan and Cain fought back saying they were comparing apples and oranges.

What about Cain’s plan to build a fence that will electrocute illegals who touch it? He said he was kidding but I think he was on to something along the lines of a moat with alligators. That will keep em out or will they make alligator tacos?

Michelle said that she will enforce English as the official language of the country. We have no official language in this country. Can you believe that?

Do we love legal immigrants? I don’t think so. The audience applauded but do they really mean it? Turn off the magnets like tuition beaks and legal license to NOT drive and not checking on illegals with e verify which they do not do. Employers don’t give a crap about who is here. Mitt said that illegals are up 60% in the past ten years. Hell yes, you can see it clearly here.

People are booing when Rick brought up Mitt’s illegals…again. A Mexican asked what they were going to do to get latino vote and that they are not all illegals. But if you dig deeply you will see that for every legal immigrant or born here Mexican that family has at least one illegal in their life as a relative or close friend that they are in turn helping.

Are the laws anti latino or are they anti illegal? We have laws that say we must educate the illegals along with regular kids.  And if you have been in any public school here lately where it is over 50% mexican you won’t see too many white kids unless the school is in an all white enclave.

Huntsman was not in the debate.

Rick keeps sounding like a broken record.  He is not debating he is repeating his own talking points.  That knocks him out because he did not come up with one original thought or word.  But he was the attack dog tonight.

Mitt Romney had to defend his record because he had a target on his back.  Santorum just needs to shut up because he is the son of immigrants from ItalyRon Paul talked about the border and latino vote but said we do not have the resources to keep our border safe and clean.  No one ever mentions how filty and nasty the border has become in the last decade. 

Newt gave the best answers hands down.  In a way I think that Newt Gingrich won even though he has been coasting along in this debate and in the polls at a low percentage poll.  He is the adult in the room at least with the debate and this cycle. 

I think Newt won the debate with his wise comments and rejoinders.

Finally, there was religion talk.  They all sounded like pastors come to meeting and talking about faith and that was probably good stuff especially for those Christians who took a break from online porn sites or watching pornography.  Let’s get real Christians have as many problems as the rest of the non faithful.  Let’s cut the crap and get the game on with the GOP.  Hope they won’t waste any more time defending Mormonism or any other ISM.  Other than Newt who won? That’s tough maybe Cain did because he stood his ground.  Or maybe it was a true draw, no because Rick Perry was all bluster and not enough innovation.


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