Whites wait to have kids–blacks and Latinos don’t


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Here’s a link that leaves out one thing that makes the discrepancy between the races so large.  They do not mention those born into poverty that’s a biggie for blacks mostly.  My informal research shows that on average whites have kids way later in life than blacks do and especially later than Hispanics (read Mexicans) do.

When you see a latino woman in her 20s she is probably either married, has at least one child or is single with at least one child.  If you see a black woman in her twenties she most likely has at least one child and is NOT married.  Why are blacks not marrying?  Simple black men are blockheads.  Black women end up better off in most cases to stay away from black men who make really bad decisions.

I know I was married to one and dated black men for decades and then dated white men for decades.   While both are prone to bad financial decisions often white men have families who have wealth and do bail them out.  They also find white women who have money and wealth who also bail them out.

Blacks need to wait to have children period married or not.


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