Alex Wagner “Now” that’s okay– updated

After watching her show now for a week or so I have one big complaint. Alex you are talking too damn fast and saying too much at once.

Please slow down and say less with more focus. Thank you.

Okay my bad it seems that Alex is not replacing Andrea Mitchell with the time zone thing i thought she was relacing her thus my beauty over nepotism. I get stuff wrong sometimes. My bad.

Now we know that Alex has chosen a prosaic word like “now” to title her new show that debuts this week. Studies have shown that people who are attractive, pretty or have a good appearance are thought of as being smarter than say ugly people.  I mean I was accused of getting plum jobs in college because I was pretty.  I thought, and said, I was qualified for the job and didn’t know who else applied but yes I got the good university student jobs while in college.

But then there is the thought that people who get a leg up on their looks is a kind of nepotism.  I don’t think it takes the meaning too far afield.  If it cannot be a relative or a Greek buddy that you network for or give a job to then it can be because the person is damn good-looking and young.  The new discrimination is all about age. Alas, that’s the way it is.

Now we have a new kid on the talking heads block and her name is Alex Wagner. Alex is half black half German according to a bio I saw. She could pass for Mexican but she is not a Mexican. Based on her mixture she’s white if you use the you are what you look like method.

In the coming months a biracial beauty will be replacing Andrea Mitchell for the noon slot talking politics on MSNBC. That bastian of left wing politics.  The talking heads just keep getting prettier and less experienced in the politics they talk.  

I will record her show and she what she has to add to the age of opinion. So far it’s predictable in guests and opinions.  


By Alex Weprin on October 20, 2011 5:57 PM

MSNBC political analyst Alex Wagner is getting her own show, TVNewser has learned.

At some point in the next few months, the channel will debut a new NoonET program

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  1. She looks half Chinese to me. I have a lot of experience with this as my own children are half Chinese (due to my Chinese husband) and I’ve seen many other mixed kids. She really looks half Chinese. I’ve seen other mixes, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican, etc. and she does not look like any of them. Japanese generally have a narrower face than Chinese and all of the others are generally darker. There’s other differences also.

  2. She looks Asian to me too, but I think we can trust Ms. Wagner’s own explanation of her ethnicity.

  3. I figured she was half black and half Asian.

    Either way she all beautiful. =)

  4. Are you people idiots????? The one idiot that noticed a certain type of guest must assuredly be an o’reilly, hannity and fox channel fan. MSNBC affords a platform that allows people to speak an opionion without following a gestapo rhetoric. Look for the content of her show, not what cultural background she has. Shame on you. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

  5. I notice a lack of intellect in her discourse. From what university or college did she graduate? She is very attractive and has that pep which translates well to the screen, but her response to comments demonstrates either a lack of intelligence, or lack of attentiveness to what was said.

  6. Is Communist an ethnicity?

  7. Burmese on her mother’s side….

  8. Her mother is Burmese, father is white…

  9. Alex Wagner is pretty new to television. She’s a rookie, and should be given a little slack. She was hired to appeal to a younger demographic. Being a grad student myself, I find her presence on MSNBC to be refreshing, since she represents a young liberal’s perspective to the issues. I like S.E. Cupp too (even though I don’t agree with republican politics).

    So long as it’s not Fox news…

    Fact: heloise8 never got accepted in Brown nor Stanford… Yes, she moved to Cali because it was warmer than her native Chicago, but also because she failed to gain acceptance into Brown Univ. (her first choice). If heloise8 Got accepted into Brown or Stanford, she would have at chosen to go to Berkeley.

    heloise8 had HOPED to one day transfer to Stanford, but it would have never happened because “Life stepped in”… “Life”, meaning poor GPA and fluffed up extracurricular activities. today, heloise8 is a struggling journalist who blogs about meaningless topics… It’s clear in her writing, she is (far from) Ivy League material. (Source: Opiwiki)

    • Actually life stepped in my case meant that my mother, sister and a cousin were killed in an Amtrak wreck. You can look it up online. It happened in 1971 and 13 people were killed.

      This is a blog. I write finished articles at blogcritics. org.

  10. I did not say I failed to get accepted at Brown. I did not apply to Brown because I wanted to go west instead.

  11. Sorry for your loss.

  12. Having “Pravda” quoted on your show says it all for me Comrad. I prefer fair and balanced.

  13. She doesn’t look white at all , she looks part Asian/black , but if she is Black and German then that is what she is. You can’t say she is what she looks like, if u ever tell a person that is mixed with black that he/she is considered German only, they would get really offended because people mixed with black will always consider theirselves black first no matter how light they are, I know this by experience.

  14. My first take on her was she was from Burma or indonesia. My second take was that she was well educated in some eastern school like Brown or Dartmouth. So I’m lookin good at pronosticating ain’t I. Yep, and I’d do her!

  15. Mary Ann Evans

    I see Alex in a very different light. From watching and listening to her for a few months now, I find it difficult to conclude anything other than that she is very bright and verbally quick on her feet.. Andrea Mitchell for whom you express more respect may very well be as bright as Alex, but her ability to express herself fluently and to manage an interview without simply allowing her quest to make uncontested points is frustrating to me. Attractive people should not be written off any more quickly or easily than those who are unattractive, and it seems that at least based on your initial comments your done that with Alex. I’ve be very surprised if Alex does not go on to a stellar career.

    • I don’t watch Andrea Mitchell if I can avoid her.

      My daughter’s take on Alex’s race was interesting. She had never seen Alex before and her take: she was white and Philipino. So we are back to my original guess white and Asian of some mix. But I thought I read German and something else. But maybe German and Asian.

      She ain’t black we know that and she is not pure Philipino because I’ve been around too many of them to see that this woman is mixed with white.

  16. Alex i guess because she is so pretty,
    she has to be white. Wrong she Is
    black. I’m an Afro amer, & dark skin &
    my daughter is also dark & pretty ,her
    kids father’s mother German, father Afro
    amer. My grand kids look like Alex.
    She does look Asian also.

    • She is not white because she’s pretty. I am not sure she is part German. I saw a wedding ring on her finger and that may be her married name.

      If I could find her parents’ names and/or see pics I could solve this in a second. Absent that evidence she DOES look Asian or Eurasian more than she looks part German/Black. I don’t think she has any black or African blood of any significant amount.

      I know all about racially mixed people. My sister looks white married a biracial man all their kids look white and they married white men and all their kids look white with long blond hair and white skin and light eyes.

      So I know that black genes can be dominated by white phenotype or genotypes.

      THanks for your comment.

  17. Burma (aka Myanmar) is right next to India. The Burmese, also like the Indian, has dark skin. Perhaps that is reason she mistaking to be “black”, or “part black”.

  18. One more thing, you can guess whatever you want, but unless he/she is actually Afro-American (or part Afro) DON’T call an Asian “Black”. Why? Because Asian would feel offended. Also, just look around, you would see Asian married to white or blown skin peoples, but other those who would marry a black GI just to get entrance to the United States, how many Asian you see that married to a Black person.
    (I am not trying to be racist, I am just stating the fact. And pls excuse my English, it’s my third language)

  19. Actually, Alex Wagner appears to be at least part-Burmese (Asian).

  20. Who the hell cares? Heloise, you Black, girlfriend. Deal wit it!!!!

  21. she is not black at all!!! She is half asian half white! Please cite your sources!

  22. What gives with the knock on Brown University and blacks? Both Alison Stewart & Soledad O’Brien attended (& grad from) Brown.

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  24. The author of this article appears quite petty with some strange resentments. I kept reading on and on waiting to see something of substance instead of just a shallow rant (nepotism, Andrea Mitchell–what does that have to do with anything)

    Her major conclusion is that Alex Wagner is “talking too damn fast and saying too much at once”. She must have some cognitive disorder because I watch the show and have no such issue. There is always a time stress on TV but I find her very generous with her guests and enjoy her panel’s intelligent discussions.

    Again, I don’t know what “studies” she is referring to, but every woman I have ever met will tell you that beautiful woman (like Alex Wagner) usually must struggle most of their lives to be taken seriously as intellectuals whereas women who are less attractive are actually seen as more “serious”.

    And what is this strange, somewhat condescending fixation about her ethnicity. If you are going to write a snarky article about someone, at least have your facts straight. Wagner’s mother, Tin Swe Thant, is an immigrant from Rangoon, Burma. Her father, Carl Wagner, is from Iowa, and not German, but rather of German and Irish descent.. And I have been to Mexico many times on business and I love the Mexican people but have never seen anyone with Wagner’s distinct features. They are clearly from an Asian and Caucasian mix.

    Apparently the writer is the enemy of most professional working women I know. In a statement that the Mayor of San Diego would approve, “The talking heads just keep getting prettier and less experienced in the politics they talk.” Again, if the writer had done her homework and background check on Wagner she would see that she has long paid her dues as a journalist and has a solid academic background.

    Wagner, whether you agree with her politics or not (and she has and respects diverse opinions on her show) is a woman of substance who has a serious and well received show which is no small thing these days.

    The only reason I am grateful for this article is because now I now realize that I can easily start my own blog if one can succeed while writing such a strange, unfocused, and unsubstantiated bio.

  25. German, my @$$! NO WAY!

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