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Oh Please: “Kennedy’s presidency…mediocrity whose death left his final grade as “incomplete.”

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JFK official portrait that hangs in the WH chosen by Jackie O

You know it’s articles like this one that would have Jack turning over in his grave.  That is if he was in his grave.  Apparently he is not dead according to this jerk:  I already know.

THE cult of John F. Kennedy has the resilience of a horror-movie villain. No matter how many times the myths of Camelot are seemingly interred by history, they always come shambling back to life — in another television special, another Vanity Fair cover story, another hardcover hagiography.

By: Ross Douthat

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It’s fitting, then, that the latest exhumation comes courtesy of Stephen King himself. King serves a dual role in our popular culture: He’s at once the master of horror and the bard of the baby boom, writing his way through the twilit borderlands where the experiences of the post-World War II generation are stalked by nightmares and shadowed by metaphysical dread.

In this landscape, the death of J.F.K. looms up like the Overlook Hotel. The gauzy fantasy of the Kennedy White House endures precisely because the reality of the assassination still feels like a primal catastrophe — an irruption of inexplicable evil as horrifying as any supernatural bogeyman.

At its best, King’s new Kennedy assassination novel, “11/22/63” — which sends its protagonist back in time to change that November day’s events — offers an implicit critique of this generational obsession. (I am not giving much away when I reveal that the time-traveling hero does not succeed in freeing ’60s America from the cruel snares of history.)

11/22/63 new novel by Stephan King at Amazon

If you squint real hard you just might think that Stephan King has stumbled into the rebirth zone! That’s my take on his new novel. In fact I am going to post a link to it. It might be worth a read and I don’t read his novels.

American Airlines: Hometown airlines files for bankruptcy


AMR Corporation

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This morning we here in Fort Worth heard some news that was in the air for some time that AMR was in big trouble.  And now they have filed for bankruptcy. This is going to affect a lot of people here in my town.  But it is not the end of airlines because in fact AMR was the very last airline to file bankruptcy. All the other airlines have already filed in the past to get back up in the air.

Barney Frank: Goodbye or Good Riddance?

Many are saying a bit of both.  He authored the Dodd-Frank or the Dump-Fink that was supposed to clean up banking.  But it was after the wolves had stolen as much as they could.  Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are the two biggest crooks who have NOT been caught.  And note they both quit rather than face the voters for re election.

No more Barney to kick around. 

Christopher Hitchens (dead at 62): great writers always seem to get something gory

In case you missed it:

Hitch-22 Memoir by Christopher Hitchens from Amazon

Christopher Hitchens
Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is not only a famous writer and author he is also famously an atheist.  So, while others may be praying for him.  We can rest assured that he is not offering up any prayers to the gods on his behalf.

He wrote about his diagnosis frankly in Vanity Fair.  Telling us that he woke up feeling like death warmed over.  Thinking, while on book tour of Hitch-22, which I read, that he was just plain exhausted.  He was wrong.  Christopher contracted cancer the smoker/hard-drinker’s cancer of the esophagus.  My uncle by marriage died of that.  He had the voice box removed and the implanted one and lived for a some time post treatment.  But he too was a hard smoker and drinker.

At the link below you will find Hitchen’s latest rant–all about Jacky as tacky spokesman for our Camelot which was a most fitting noun and adjective of that Kennedy couple if you think about it. Anglophile to the core Jack couldn’t resist rhyming and one-word descriptors.

Since then there have been two dramatic changes in his circumstances. The first was the international bestselling success of his 2007 anti-theist tome God is Not Great. After decades of acclaimed but essentially confined labour, Hitchens suddenly broke out to a mass audience, becoming arguably the global figurehead of the so-called New Atheists. Almost overnight he was upgraded from intellectual notoriety, as an outspoken supporter of the invasion of Iraq, to the business end of mainstream fame. In America, in particular, he has reached that rare position for a journalist of becoming a news story himself.

A quiet day on the homefront

Hope everyone enjoyed What is most important family home health are the source of happiness.

I have Minere’s syndrome or disease

Prosper Ménière (1799-1862), a French physicia...

Prosper Minere the man who discovered the disease

Vertigo Maintaining a Steady Outlook

Vertigo is the feeling of spinning or falling through space when there is no motion. Sensations associated with vertigo include a sense of spinning, tumbling, falling forward or backward, or of the ground rolling beneath one’s feet. It may be difficult to focus visually; many people find it uncomfortable to keep their eyes open during vertigo spells. Sweating, nausea, and vomiting are also common. Vertigo can last only a few minutes, or it can last days, depending on the cause.

Vertigo is not a disease but is a symptom of a broad range of disorders, diseases, and conditions, including:

  • Diseases or disorders of the inner ear (such as motion sickness; the formation of “sludge” in the inner ear, which causes the inner ear to send a confusing motion signal to the brain; or tumors in the inner ear)
  • Injuries or other damage to the inner ear (for example, from drugs such as aspirin and some diuretics, chemotherapy drugs, and antibiotics)
  • Diseases or disorders of the brain (such as tumors, migraine, transient ischemic attack or stroke, or a psychiatric disease or disorder)
  • Disorders affecting the acoustic nerve, which connects the inner ear to the brain
  • Ménière’s disease or Ménière’s syndrome (This is my diagnosis)
  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Allergies
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Damage to the nerves in the neck that help the brain monitor the relative position of the neck and trunk (this form of vertigo, called cervical vertigo, often occurs after an injury such as a whiplash injury but may be associated with arthritis in the neck or degenerative cervical spine disease)
  • Low blood pressure

Under normal circumstances, the brain relies on three sensory systems to maintain spatial orientation: the vestibular system (the inner ear), the visual system (the eyes), and the somatosensory system (which conveys information from the skin, joint, and muscle receptors). These three systems overlap, allowing the brain to assemble an accurate sense of spatial orientation. However, a compromised system or conflicting signals can cause vertigo.

The vestibular system is most often involved with vertigo. The sensory organs for the vestibular system are located in the bony labyrinths of the inner ear. They include three semicircular canals and an otolithic apparatus on each side.

If you ever read any of my articles you know I use the word “reeling” a lot.  That’s why, cause it’s part of my life.  Not everyday but this attack has been the most horrific and expensive.

I know I don’t have to share my medical stuff but I hope to get the hearing back completely in my right ear.  My age is a factor because the bilateral attacks happen when you are older.  I have always gotten dizzy and falling out even as a teenager.  But only diagnosed late in life.  It is a disease really common in Europe: France, Spain and Italy.  I have lots of European blood from there and now I may not be able to clearly speak French to any body.  I don’t feel sorry for myself or anything.  I am stable and can sleep and returning to work after one month away.  It’s no joke really makes you see other stuff as insignificant when your freakin head is spinning.

GOP CNN Debate: Who Won?

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates - Upda...

Who will be the last man standing?

The second half of the debate was hot as in Mexcican chili peppers.  In case you missed it here’s a transcript of the that whole thing from CNN:

At least Newt did tell the truth about Regan for once. He said when the act was signed that Regan guessed about 3K illegals would take this amesty.  WRONG about 3 million illegals showed up for their damn papers.  This time it could be 33 million showing up for papers with five babies in tow.

I was able to watch most of it and again, Newt knocked it out of the park with his answers, verve, and poise.  I don’t agree on everything he says but boy does he say it well.  After all he holds a Ph.D. in history and that’s my hobby. I would have to give the debate to Newt.

Mitt did an outstanding job a real debate and real firm with his answers except that people don’t want him because he is not what he seems to be.

The subject was Foreign policy and how America holds up the light to the rest of the world and what our standing in the world.  Since it was GOP folks they were all sweetness and light when it came to the role of US as overlord to the globe.

Not Ron Paul.  He was duking it out with not on my freedom watch you don’t.  I mean he never, never once shifted, flip flopped or came across as anyone who stood his ground in terms of there is no way we need to send in any damn body any damn where especially to Israel.

That country already has our money and he said they can  take care of themselves. Herman the Cain was really weak on this all he he could come up with was that after studying the position that Israel took then we would support them in their plan.  He kept reiterating that one.

Ron Huntsman thought that Afghanistan was waiting for the Chinese to come in and make war and then have a strategic base.  He seems to be a real hawk.

Everyone was really good.  Rick was okay on FP don’t recall what he said much but he did not make any poly gaffes this time.  No gaffes that I heard.

For my sense I think that the career politician like Newt does scare me except one thing he said about being able to work out both sides of an deal.  And Rick touted how he worked daily with his staff.  He did not just throw them to the wolves and shut the door like Obama did with this super committee which was bound to fail.

I am shopping the stock market for the next few months highs and lows and buying deals because nine months from now I predict near 13,000.  That may be optimistic.  But not sure who will win the election.

Jack’s take on JFK’s death anniversary

Jack and JFK are really two different entities I should know. And it was as clear on astral as oswalds ugly mug that he acted alone with his shotgun in a brown paper bag covering. I still hate him and the sight of him. What a wierdo what a waste. Maybe get over it some life.

Jack was the elusive dual Kennedy and could occupy two bodies at once. Why? For me to know and for you to discover.

Jack Was Cleopatra and Bobby her beloved Anthony. Yes, we are Rome come home.

PS Martin King, my guy, he was Cicero.

Jack is still coming back

I guess god is working on me just like those who look and find. I am still here. Took a walk today. I am getting back to work at hand. I can sit with a clear head. If I could fix what’s wrong with me and for others I’d be rich. I can’t really talk about it until the coast clears. It showed its face as a monstrous astral attack I could not avoid. Jack loved the sea and swimming and some of this comes from that. What I have is found in people of European descent. In fact it’s kinda rare. My spirits are up and I’ve become detached from the sheer torture I am going through now. But I sum it up like so. It was a case of slow suicide by spoon. When I write it all up you’ll get it.

More later

There is a time to every season

Post got lost sorry.