Why Herman Cain’t Resist

Herman Cain

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Oh poor, poor, black conservative Herman Cain is at it again.  This time he is imitating himself or better yet a regular black man in trouble. He is reminding me more of my father every day.  While my mother looked like a passant blanc my dad resembled Herman Cain glasses, skin color and all, but with keener features. My dad however did NOT start life the son of a slave toiling in the fields. No, he was from a family who by definition was wealthy (his parents never worked for a living–they lived off their Chicago and Michigan properties and investments).  So in that way they differ.

He resembled him in that he touted the black conservative and how the GOP was really the mecca for the black man all the while he loved calling his three pretty little high-yellow curly haired kiddos  “my little niggers.”  He said it with a smile. He was not very affectionate as you might tell by that little expression which he used often and liberally especially when he was in a good mood. But one day we asked him why he was a republican, that’s what we called it in those days, and said because they have the jobs.  My dad unlike his dad did always work a blue collar job for a living because his family did not wisely reinvest the money into education for their six sons, rather really into conspicuous consumption.  So, the money the wealth the inheritance did not trickle down to us. Well, how could it when he took another wife with nine kids after my mother died? No matter, by my estimate I should have been rich at least three times over and it eluded me. It’s all karma that way. I did get one thing out of it–got two degrees and graduated without owing a lot of money.

I digress, Herman has taken the political world by storm and has told the world that he came from an authentic black background including slave pictures on the wall instead of pics of Richard Nixon, maybe that too, so why should we not believe that he can win the nomination? I think Cain believes he “Cain’t” that’s why. 

Despite who may be backing him from Soros to Koch, who cares? This man thought to himself what the hell do I have to lose? Nothing was the answer and everything to gain including a lucrative book royalty.  I think Mr. Cain has had his way not only with us but in a way with the attractive women in his office that he allegedly sexually harassed.  That’s a loaded term really and a man has merely to look askance at a woman to have that charge leveled at him these days.

But Cain did more than that he actually used a gesture, he said, and showed the woman that she was the same height as his wife.  Height and length are really suggestive words in the lexicon of a black man or around black people because you know what they say about blacks? We are the physical ones in the human race and sex is like handshaking for black folks.  So, that words like length and height and hand gestures become fodder for the harassment mill and one should mind the P and Qs of it.

Is it serious? Well, I thought what if my boss said that to me while talking about something related to work? I would think yes this is over the top.  I don’t know if I would file a suit.  Because true sexual harassment cannot be based on ONE single incident.  It is about the atmosphere becoming hostile and that takes more than one lousy comment or gesture.  In fact the woman might have been let go because she felt uncomfortable and felt that Herman had more jives where that one came from.

But to answer my question if he made that gesture and said you are the same height as my wife and my current boss said and did the same to me I would think it wrong and cause discomfort. 

Initially I planned to make this blog about whether or not Herman was a threat to Obama.  I do think so. I think it could happen because stranger things have happened like the election of man who really was not ready for the WH and the discovery that it don’t matter what party they hail from they are all puppets of banksters and fat cats.

Herman is now a presidential candidate and what he did was wrong but does that make him a sexual harasser? Yes, but it is by degrees and it could have led to other comments and we don’t know what else he has said and done in the past. I know one thing it is never just one transgression that gets black men in trouble who are bound for trouble.  It is always a cooler full of shit that takes them down and they just “Cain’t” resist. 


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