Mexican illegal arrested in Carrollton for rape and murder of 10-year-old girl

On the news there was talk about this as an international case because Jazmen and her family were from Mexico and her grandparents still lived in Mexico and the government wanted to assist in their coming to Texas in order to be at her funeral.

It started out as a call to 911 about a missing girl.  The family was there visiting friends and she was very excited to spend time with a family who was leaving for Mexico. At about midnight they noted that she was not in the room and they also noticed that Jose Sifuentes who was a family friend, and I guess also spending the night, was missing at the same time or for at least 15 minutes.

He was looked at as a person of interest since he was in the home and was missing and could not explain why or his story changed.  The next day his arrest was announced after finding the body of Jazmen it was revealed that she had been raped and stabbed to death.  The police found a bloody knife in his SUV.  So he probably took her there and raped her and murdered her maybe in the field where she was found dead.

Whether or not he is an illegal they are trying to say he had work papers or something like that.  But more than likely he was an illegal killing another person but this time not as a drunk driver.

CARROLLTON — Carrollton police arrested 23-year-old Jose Sifuentes and charged him with murder Tuesday for the stabbing death of Jasmen Gonzalez. They say Sifuentes knew his 10-year-old victim and is related to her by marriage.

Sifuentes had been labeled a “person of interest” since Sunday, when Jasmen’s body was found a short distance away from the Carrollton apartments where she had been staying with family members.

The girl and her parents had come to North Texas for the weekend from their home in Oklahoma City.


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