HLN: Walgren making closing arguments in MJ case

The prosecutor Walgren is making closing arguments that will probably lead to Conrad Murray‘s convinction on manslaughter.  Conrad ordered four gallons of propofol just before MJ died.  He said he was trying to wean MJ off the drug but how could that be with four gallons of it in his girlfriend’s apt.  In addition he brought up the iphone conversation Murray taped and why was that when he could not even bother to keep good records

All Murray could say was that MJ was in good health and in fact he was skinny and dehydrated.

I think Murray will probably be convicted of this because the prosecution kept it simple it is a simple case of reckless behavior on the doctor’s part. 

My aunt watched the whole thing and said that she thinks the drug industry and propofol is on trial and that the use of it dropped off sharply since the case and Michael Jackson’s death.  The courts don’t want to kill the big pharma now do they?

Will Murray be found guilty, probably.  The prosecution rests today.


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