“Bitch is The New Black”—not in production

Billy Bang at the Vision Festival, 2008-06-11.

Billy Bang--this blog's for you dude

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I had a little time on my hands so I thought I would surf the net. And discovered that Billy Bang died this spring.  I never met the man but I knew of him from jazz circles and he had a bit of fame on the jazz set and that there was a memorial for him in NYC and that he died of lung cancer and was a violin player. He died of lung cancer and that made me wonder if it was because of all the night life and surrounded by heavy cigarette smoke back in the day.  He was 63 and was playing the gigs and the sets long before smoking was banned in public places.  But maybe it never got banned in bars don’t know because I don’t go to bars.  Anyway, dude this blog’s for you. 

Okay, so after I find that news about Bang I keep digging because I also recalled that a certain Shonda Rimes of Grey’s Anatomy fame and production bought the rights for the book by Helena Andrews “Bitch is the New Black” to adapt it to the big screen.  That was back in 2009 and the book was released in 2010.  I have never read the book nor did I have the intention to read such tripe by an under-30-year-old; who thinks that she needs to write a memoir instead of a long short story or instead of a series online or a blog about her mother being a lesbian, big deal, about being a black woman in a white man’s world at Politico, which she does not write about according the many reviews I perused and that seems really the point. What nerve I give her that.  What ego.

I mean she left or got booted from Politico.  I think she wrote some junk column trying to imitate Heloise at blog critics and it was just fluff stuff while Heloise’s stuff had some hard-hitting commentary and opinion. Andrews was a young pup and I guess held her own until she couldn’t help herself and decided to write a book.

So, she writes a memoir and does not want to besmirch the name of Politico and the other places she wrote as a lesser light in their pantheon of writers.  What else does this black bitch, her words not mine, have to say for herself? It seems not much.  She muses about stuff like the white woman astronaut who beat the crap out of a woman for screwing her man.  Come on black bitches everywhere have the goods on this shit.  I know more true juicy stories about what black women have done to their men and to the woman they found together than having to pull something from the headlines about a woman who is not even your race or  your peer.

Andrews writes for The Root now, wonder why, and after desperately searching/scouring the Net I could only find a few links that pointed to the fact that back when, like two years ago, the book was under development as a film.  But the links go bust from there.  There is no current news on this heist by Shonda.

Does Shonda now have cold feet? I think she can do better than the garbage put out by a black bitch from DC who does not even talk about what it’s like being a single black woman in DC trying to find a man.  That place is a wasteland for black women bitch or otherwise and everybody knows it.

My cousins happened to have lived and worked there and an aunt who worked for the National Restaurant Association and one of her daughters actually married a black man, successful architect, from DC. But my cousin looks like a damn movie star and it seems to me that is what it took to get a black man even back then. Forget Chicago black men.

My point is that this Andrews surely could have come up with something better than a memoir which is pointless when you are not even thirty.  Why not just write a screenplay or a novel about being black in DC and call it a day? I think the reason is that it would not have had a chance to get published.

BTW that was another criticism that I read at Amazon that women were wondering how in the hell did this woman get her book published in the first place? Was it because she denigrated black women as bitches ala Tina Fey? I think so.  One thing’s for sure there ain’t no movie coming out soon, thank God, or ever with the title “Bitch is the new Black.” And that’s the end of that.


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