Sharon Bialek: Fourth Cain Accuser speaks to CNN (video)

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Herman Cain

Cain can cop a plea

Teaser: Wow, double wow at the mike we have Sharon Bialek, a frisky Polish (more poles in Chicago than Warsaw tend to be Catholic too) gal from Chicago. This woman said Cain grabbed her head and put it on his crouch.  They were in a parked car and suddenly he reached for her genitals under her skirt.  She was shocked.  She said what are you doing and he said you know.  She told him to stop it already.  I will post a pic of her later from the TV. She’s a pretty woman.  I think I got the scoop on this one. LOL

I am watching CNN and Gloria ALlred and a woman who is not connected with the other three at NRA is about to speak about her harrassment by Herman Cain.  Her name is Sharon Bialek.  She is a white woman, with bleached blonde hair, a lifelong Republican and a college grad she has a 13 y/o son.

Right now Gloria is speaking.  She was fired from some place in 2006 because they told her she was not raising enough money. They were seated near each other at dinner and Cain was the keynote speaker. 

Sharon reached out to him to find a new job he instead provided her with a stimulus package.   She said that he was aggressive with her and that she was surpised.  She thinks she is doing the right thing by stepping out. 

She is talking now and said that  they met when she worked for the Educational Foundation of the national restaurant association.  She sat next to her and spoke to her during the dinner.   He talked to her extensively and she thought he was inspirational and asked him when he was running for president. 

She was invited to an exclusive party and a month later she was let go.  Then she asked Cain to find her another job.  She contacted him about finding another job.  He called back and said he would help her.  She asked if they could meet for coffee.  Her boyfriend got her a hotel room and they met in the lobby bar.  She had a presidential suite in DC and it was CAIN who had arranged the room.

She met cain in the Hilton about 6:30 and they had drinks.  She thanks him and siad he upgraded her and took her to dinner.  He asked Why are you here?  She told him she wanted help finding a new job. 

What she said: Sharon said Cain grabbed her head and put it on his crouch. They were in aparked car and suddenly he reached for her genitals under her skirt. She was shocked. She said what are you doing and he said you know. She told him to stop.

She asked him if he had done the same to other women. She came forward because of the other allegations to ensure that someone else went on record about his behavior.

More later


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