Why not obamacare they gonna spend it on some freaking war otherwise

That is my conclusion even though it’s a huge entitlement. But somebody had to blink. You know there will always be waste. But maybe folks crippled with rotting teeth and all that comes with dental disease will be given some dignity. I have spent a small fortune on my teeth with dental implants and a gold crown and porcelains. So I know it takes money to keep nice teeth. Why should the avg Joe be denied the basics? Amen


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Meaning of "trough" -- Trough is the bottom of a transverse wave. And generically means a low point or a place to fill. Venus is related to this meaning. Veins are to be filled, and venusian people are loving. The left is more venusian than the right, hence The Trough--where Heloise helps the great and the small. Heloise the politico from Blogcritics.org. Physics preacher, blogger, gardener, beach lover, book lover, writer, author.

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