Gonna try accupuncture

After MRI brainstem scan must wait to see doc. In the meantime trying acupuncture for my TMJ triggered this episode of horrors. I will journal it as I can to keep my mind off the angst.

I have a new review to work on and it’s exciting. My family has been very concerned. I am not gonna do anything desperate. God heals in his own time when the lesson is learned. I will then have a lot to say. But having a traumatic childhood is at the root of this all. But I blame my own reckless nature.


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Meaning of "trough" -- Trough is the bottom of a transverse wave. And generically means a low point or a place to fill. Venus is related to this meaning. Veins are to be filled, and venusian people are loving. The left is more venusian than the right, hence The Trough--where Heloise helps the great and the small. Heloise the politico from Blogcritics.org. Physics preacher, blogger, gardener, beach lover, book lover, writer, author.

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