Jobs hastened his demise

Iam reading Steve jobs while waiting to see if this is it for my own will. Ues Jobs had the will to live but it’s funny how the Monday of men like jobs like myself realty are so in control freak mode that I stead of letting some things happen we try to make it happen. The result is that the opposite of what we desire appears.

Steve got his way a lot and made financial history with the breakthroughs. Just think of what they did not want to do like leave things behind they were working on.

Yhe estee lauded heiress died today too I think. And of course so manynothers who had it all. It does seem like truer geniuses never live ling lives and writers who become successful have instantly bad karma like the young guy who did the play remake of les miserables. He died just before Rent was to open on broadway.

I a
Can say the last thing I listened to before this was Jackie talking in the tapes about how happy she was in the white house.


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