GOP CNN Debate: Who Won?

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates - Upda...

Who will be the last man standing?

The second half of the debate was hot as in Mexcican chili peppers.  In case you missed it here’s a transcript of the that whole thing from CNN:

At least Newt did tell the truth about Regan for once. He said when the act was signed that Regan guessed about 3K illegals would take this amesty.  WRONG about 3 million illegals showed up for their damn papers.  This time it could be 33 million showing up for papers with five babies in tow.

I was able to watch most of it and again, Newt knocked it out of the park with his answers, verve, and poise.  I don’t agree on everything he says but boy does he say it well.  After all he holds a Ph.D. in history and that’s my hobby. I would have to give the debate to Newt.

Mitt did an outstanding job a real debate and real firm with his answers except that people don’t want him because he is not what he seems to be.

The subject was Foreign policy and how America holds up the light to the rest of the world and what our standing in the world.  Since it was GOP folks they were all sweetness and light when it came to the role of US as overlord to the globe.

Not Ron Paul.  He was duking it out with not on my freedom watch you don’t.  I mean he never, never once shifted, flip flopped or came across as anyone who stood his ground in terms of there is no way we need to send in any damn body any damn where especially to Israel.

That country already has our money and he said they can  take care of themselves. Herman the Cain was really weak on this all he he could come up with was that after studying the position that Israel took then we would support them in their plan.  He kept reiterating that one.

Ron Huntsman thought that Afghanistan was waiting for the Chinese to come in and make war and then have a strategic base.  He seems to be a real hawk.

Everyone was really good.  Rick was okay on FP don’t recall what he said much but he did not make any poly gaffes this time.  No gaffes that I heard.

For my sense I think that the career politician like Newt does scare me except one thing he said about being able to work out both sides of an deal.  And Rick touted how he worked daily with his staff.  He did not just throw them to the wolves and shut the door like Obama did with this super committee which was bound to fail.

I am shopping the stock market for the next few months highs and lows and buying deals because nine months from now I predict near 13,000.  That may be optimistic.  But not sure who will win the election.


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