Christopher Hitchens (dead at 62): great writers always seem to get something gory

In case you missed it:

Hitch-22 Memoir by Christopher Hitchens from Amazon

Christopher Hitchens
Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is not only a famous writer and author he is also famously an atheist.  So, while others may be praying for him.  We can rest assured that he is not offering up any prayers to the gods on his behalf.

He wrote about his diagnosis frankly in Vanity Fair.  Telling us that he woke up feeling like death warmed over.  Thinking, while on book tour of Hitch-22, which I read, that he was just plain exhausted.  He was wrong.  Christopher contracted cancer the smoker/hard-drinker’s cancer of the esophagus.  My uncle by marriage died of that.  He had the voice box removed and the implanted one and lived for a some time post treatment.  But he too was a hard smoker and drinker.

At the link below you will find Hitchen’s latest rant–all about Jacky as tacky spokesman for our Camelot which was a most fitting noun and adjective of that Kennedy couple if you think about it. Anglophile to the core Jack couldn’t resist rhyming and one-word descriptors.

Since then there have been two dramatic changes in his circumstances. The first was the international bestselling success of his 2007 anti-theist tome God is Not Great. After decades of acclaimed but essentially confined labour, Hitchens suddenly broke out to a mass audience, becoming arguably the global figurehead of the so-called New Atheists. Almost overnight he was upgraded from intellectual notoriety, as an outspoken supporter of the invasion of Iraq, to the business end of mainstream fame. In America, in particular, he has reached that rare position for a journalist of becoming a news story himself.


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