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Katy Perry and Russell Brand split

This power couple is about to break up.  Marriages don’t last long anymore.

DVD Review: Margin Call

English: Demi Moore at the 2010 Time 100.

Divorcing Demi

Margin Call with an A-list cast of characters including Demi Moore and Jeremy Irons (as the big man Mr. Tuld) was a good watch.  Perhaps it re enacted the Goldman Sachs debacle just the same about a fictitious Wall Street corp that hosts a fire sale of all its positions in one day in order to be first to unload their unholy holdings. I enjoyed all 1 hour and 46 minutes.

This is news ripped from the headlines and it is the fall that set the rest of the dominoes toppling on The Street.  It was truly lookout below when the margins had to be sold as is in this fake fire sale that had echoes of real bankers who ripped off a lot of people.

The story begins with the firing of a bunch of traders and folks on a particular floor.  Stanley Tucci is one of the first to go.  He suspects that Demi Moore’s character Mrs. Robertson is behind his firing.  As he leaves the office with his personal belongings he hands off a thumb drive to one his underlings who just happens to be a rocket scientist.  This guy crunches the numbers and sits startled at his desk.  This shit could not be right he thinks and calls his buddies who are out at a bar to come and take a look at what he has uncovered and completed.

Then there are meeting with the big guys in the firm and they call in the boss Mr. Tuld who tells them they must sell everything in one day and they will be told how to proceed.

It was a tense well acted, well scripted drama.  They said “F me” a bit too much but that is to be expected because of what they faced together.

I think it was an HBO film, but it will be on top ten lists regardless.

What are the top ten films of 2011?

By ticket sales it may not be a banner year for films. Are moviegoers getting sick of Hollywood slick?

Reviewing films has become second nature to me. I picked it up like a bad habit after realiazing that opinion writing on pols and their politics was getting too stressful. I have not regretted that decision and confine my two cents mostly to this blog. When I should have been taking care of myself I was what else seeking out films to watch and review. I can only talk about those I’ve seen. If not I will make a note of it.

Not in order yet just my list

Higher ground

Midnight in Paris

Tree of life

A separation (did not see yet)


A Dangerous Method

The Help

War horse. ( did not see)

Crazy, stupid, love

The Iron Lady (not released yet)

Brain fog: ginko and vinpocetine

I have been using both these supplements ginko biloboa and vinpocetine and Omega-3 (walnuts and flax seed oil) and B vitamins for the past month.  And they really work. I have also changed my diet and got rid of things causing inflammation.  But I had bad brain fog could hardly think.  And as “friends” used to tell me “you crazy.” Well, they were right.  I earned by insanity honestly with a boatload of karma I have chosen to pay off in this lifetime.

But if you want to increase blood flow to your brain I highly recommend these two supplements.  I need to do a little research on supplements for depression such as St. John’s Wart.  That’s not my main problem but a symptom for now.  I have another diagnosis actually.  Things have greatly improved with prayers and proper diet.

DVD Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

English: Ryan Gosling at the 2010 Toronto Inte...

Ryan Gosling

I know this movie has been out for a while on DVD but I have just now seen it.  I am glad I took the time to watch it.  Film was full of twists and turns that made it funny and interesting.  Steve Carrell is good and I love Ryan Gosling he is so cute and was so macho in this film.  Probably one of his best performances.  The men in this film were the show stealers.  The women were kind of an afterthought and even used by the two co stars of this film.

But that’s okay because everyone comes to their senses in the end and it has a happy ending.   I won’t give this one away because it would really be a spoiler.  Rent it and enjoy it.  It is one of the best comedies of the year and a decent romance but mostly a  comedy or a romcom if you will.

I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.  No black people in it, no take that back one black woman that Ryan hits on has a brief role.

Movie Review: Tree of Life

Brad PittTree of Life starring Brad Pitt has made top ten lists and best films of the year list.  I think it was an audience fav or won at the Cannes.

The beginning of the movie was really strange.  It was just music and a slideshow taking us all over the world visually that is.  That was the prelude to the movie which started at the end of a family tragedy that we never really get inside of.  But the film is set in 1950s Waco, Texas.  I have a friend who grew up there and it is white bread city.

You do get a feel for life in the USA at that time.  And I think this played well in foreign audiences because it is a rare glimpse into a slice of life here.  But I did not like the beginning it was over the top visually and also in terms of audio.  I am going through some hearing problems now and movies with that much music and sound effects and stuff really does not help my brain and my psyche.  But it probably won’t affect normal people at all.

It was pretty.  The film was really beautiful and wonderfully shot.  The acting was first rate and Brad will get another nomination probably two and he will go up against himself this year one can easily predict.  Moneyball was a real winner and Brad’s performance in Tree of Life is also a winner.

Sean Penn has a small role as the grown son of the family who also becomes an architect.  There are some trying moments and times for the family as dad played by Brad is often abusive towards his kids.  Everything turns out well.

The film ends the way it began with lots of footage that was pretty to look at with some plaintive music in the background that bothered my ears but like I said normal people won’t have a problem with the music, the setting, the photography and the story line…when they finally get to it.

Movie Review: Sarah’s Key

The reel short take is about Sarah’s Key.  I read the book and listened to the audiobook and now I’ve seen the movie.  Heloise wrote a book review if you want to check it out. The movie could have easily been on HBO or a special on TV because it was just not that special.

This film won’t make any best of the year or end of the year movies to see but it was what I expected.  The book and the movie are sympathetic to the Jews in the story, no surprise there.  There are not many Germans in the film because it was the French who sent the jews to Vel d’Hiv and on to the death camps.

I think the problem with the movie is that it is so simple that it underwhelms.  To say plays it safe would not describe what this movie does.  It mostly moves from one scene to the other and back and forth between present and past. Finally we get back to the present where we find Kristin Thomas finding the son who did not know he was Jewish. In the book they get married or something but in the movie they do form a  bond.  There is nothing really emotionally about the progress of the film.

Sarah’s Key is just a basic movie that follows the book along pretty closely but does not move the audience IMO.  I give it two out of five stars.  It’s watchable.

Sarah's Key

Kristin Thomas

Time travel: I travel to the future as well

Harald Hass at Huffpo on this:

We have harnessed this feature to develop novel techniques that enable ordinary LED light bulbs to wirelessly transmit data at speeds many times faster than WiFi routers. We have named the new technology Li-Fi (light fidelity) which we now commercialize via the university spin-out company VLC Ltd.

In our lab, under ambient light conditions, we are able to achieve data speeds of 130 megabits per second. If all light bulbs were able to do this, it would create a simple, energy-efficient solution to the lack of available radio frequency spectrum for future wireless broadband communication.

At Huffpo recently I read the above-mentioned article about TED about using lightbulbs (and other things) to carry data for computers etc.  That was so striking because while I may have never written this on one of my blogs I recall a future experience in which I saw the future that would take place before the century’s end wherein two things were happening: one that a simple computer was nothing but a common lightbulb.  Or that’s what it looked like.  It was clear in the experience that this bulb was the computer.  What else were we doing?

It seemed that we were at someone’s death bed.  It was not an assisted suicide or anything like that it just seemed that the person wanted to die and was sort of willing themselves out of the body and we were there with this computer that looked like a light bulb hanging near the bed.

So this TED thing blew my mind.  Yes, computers will be just a light bulb I have seen it already.

I was watching a bit of Charlie Rose while he was interviewing Lisa Randall, a Harvard physicist, about the Higgs particle or the God Particle.  It was not a long interview as she was explaining how the accelerator worked and why so much speed was needed to gain as many particle hits as possible.  Getting neutrinos is one of the goals as well. She gave a nod to Einstein’s theory of relativity and said that even if it is proven wrong in the future that something can travel faster than light it will always be useful and won’t go away for that reason.

Rose asked Randall about time travel.  And she told him that it was not impossible except that people only seem to be going back in time.  Well, from the start I have always said that one of my initial “theories” if you want to call it that, but one of my initial experiences with time travel included a couple of givens: that there is no time in reality; and that the past, present and future met at the same point; and that one could travel back in time as easily as forward in time.  Or I posed it this way if one can travel back in time then surely one can travel forward in time.

However, I am contradicting one of the premises that also seemed to be true that past and future were found at once with the present moment.  So if this is true then is there any need to actually travel anywhere? Or better yet are you traveling anywhere or are you just peering deeper into the present moment and seeing past or future in it?

It’s tricky to be sure.  That is until I realized that I had traveled as much as 20 years forward in time sometimes as much as 30 years in time.  Guess what when I got older and began to cross that 30-year threshold I found myself, you guessed it “in another lifetime” in the future.  That first experience really freaked me out.  My first thought was that I was about to die soon and I was only in my 30s or 40s at the time.  But after I calmed down and analyzed the experience I saw that it was in fact a future life.  We often try out these lifetimes on for size.  The one that I kept returning to found me a man and an architect.  I’ve seen that one more than once.

This may also be a question of semantics in which they are talking about some sort of machine that is needed to time travel to the past or the future.  When I am talking about the marvelous machine we all walk around with the brain and the mind.

Newt’s past wives

Who knew it would be so easy to uncover three of ole Gingrich’s past wives? Will they spell success for him in 2012? One must also read between the lives to see what is left undone.

If Newt is not undone by the bitter politics coming from Mitt then he will not be facing Obama in the debates. He won’t be the last contender standing behind not one but three wives.

The Other Brain

Rendering of human brain.

Now I am fascinated by the role of the glia and the microglia in a brain that is damaged or well.  I just heard about this other brain within the, well, brain.  It does not operate by sending electrical impulses therefore its signal is not picked up by EEG like the normal brain.

It work by using calcium channels and a new book called The Other Brain explains it.

I have other reasons for brain research. I have always had a form of photo epilepsy which causes one to fall in the presence of flashing lights like fireworks. I know my brain was damaged in most recent life. And this I must transcend and transform. Not easy to do. But the gods are not exempt from the law like the banksters.

My first field of study was the etheric body which is not only another brain but indeed another body that is subtle and overlays the dense physical one. Meditate on that.

Today I know that the brain’s power comes from miniaturizing and concentrating its components to such an extreme that its working parts are invisible. Like the working parts of a computer miniaturized beyond the resolution of the human eye, the working components of the brain are invisible unless they are magnified hundreds or thousands of times larger by powerful microscopes.

A century ago the newly perfected optical instrument gave scientists their first look at the cellular structure of brain tissue. What these pioneering scientists glimpsed through that window into brain tissue astonished them. Brain cells were unlike those anywhere else in the body. Their observations revolutionized our understanding of the brain and charted the course of neuroscience for the next century.

We seem not to be able to identify the soul or the mind.  But I am beginning to think that they are one and the same thing.