While at home recovering I read the whole thing “Steve Jobs”

it’s a big book and I might break it down chapter by chapter. I had nothing to do but be sick and read in between. It has really inspired me too.  In fact those kinds of stories have been inspirational at this time.

The really good news is that I’ve gotten my diet under control.  I did not listen to my intuition telling me I was doing things wrong on the body front.  But really had to kick the refined white sugar habit as well as salt because both were making me sick.  Now I also think I went through some emotional black hole and came out the other side without fear, emotion, hate, or sadness.  Just existing taking it day by day.  Thank God for your blessing I mean it.

More later


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Meaning of "trough" -- Trough is the bottom of a transverse wave. And generically means a low point or a place to fill. Venus is related to this meaning. Veins are to be filled, and venusian people are loving. The left is more venusian than the right, hence The Trough--where Heloise helps the great and the small. Heloise the politico from Blogcritics.org. Physics preacher, blogger, gardener, beach lover, book lover, writer, author.

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  1. Heloise:

    So very overjoyed that you are on the mend. I was concerned to hear of your illness, but did not want to pry. You are absolutely on point with the diet issue — it is what goes into the mouth that defiles the body, and can be conversely true as well. Just know that I was praying for your speedy recovery; and yes, let us all count our blessings, however small they may be. Keep the faith! Your Aunt Francine aka Fancy Francy

    • Thank you Francy it means so much to me. I had a lot of prayers and some with my condition don’t get over the dizzy spells even with meds. So I have my physical strength back after walking with a cane around the house for a week LOL. God is good. Heloise.

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