new ebook “The Right Fights Back”

The Kindle ebook edition is only 2.99.  The reader reviews on the book were mixed you can also download a free sample.

here’s what amazon has to say about the book. Review

As journalism continues to look for new ways to remain both profitable and relevant in the digital age, long-form investigative work has taken enthusiastically to the ebook. Perhaps ironically, this gusto for new forms has inspired a nascent return to the depth and breadth of bygone days. Such is the case with The Right Fights Back, an extended look at the 2012 Presidential campaign’s early stages, with particular focus on the GOP. Politico’s Mike Allen and Evan Thomas pull together sources ranging from candidates’ family and campaign employees (current and former) to would-be and had-been candidates themselves. Regardless of your political bent, it’s hard not to be underwhelmed by this campaign’s Republican contenders, and as a blow-by-blow account of the scandal, inexperience, and public theater that has characterized the early campaigning, The Right Fights Back offers a timely and insightful primer. —Jason Kirk

Product Description

Two of America’s most perceptive political reporters join forces for an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the race for the White House in POLITICO’s Playbook 2012, a series of four instant digital books on the 2012 presidential election. The first edition, The Right Fights Back, follows the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. The battle for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination promises to be one of the most hotly contested and closely fought in recent memory, as establishment Republicans, Tea Party favorites, and dark horse insurgents vie to take on President Obama in the November election. In The Right Fights Back, Mike Allen, chief White House correspondent for POLITICO, and Evan Thomas, the award-winning journalist and author of Robert F. Kennedy and The War Lovers, chronicle the dramatic events of this historic campaign as it unfolds. With exclusive real-time reporting from the campaign trail, The Right Fights Back provides detail, color, and in-depth analysis that take readers beyond the hourly headlines and commentary. From the role of Super PACS and conservative interest groups to the clashes of personality and policy that will define the race to capture the GOP nomination, this is a history-as-it-happens account of the resurgent American right at the crossroads.

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