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Stephanopoulos back Amanpour leaving “This Week”

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Was Amanpour bored with hosting This Week? Seems so.  She wanted more action in the field and it seems that’s where she’s returning and George the Greek be back at This Week.  George is an insider who is also master of the political trade.  I think it will be a good move.  Amanpour did not last a year. I thought it was a dumb idea at the time.  They did not think it through enough and now they know.


Christiane Amanpour is leaving ABC’sThis Week” after barely a year on the job.

George Stephanopoulos, Amanpour’s predecessor, will return to host the No. 3-rated Sunday morning politics show. Amanpour, meanwhile, will divide her time as a reporter for ABC and her former employer, CNN. Stephanopoulos will officially return Jan. 8.

“This is an exciting and unique opportunity for me to take my love of storytelling to primetime at ABC News with multiple specials, as well as becoming a roving global affairs anchor across all ABC platforms,” Amanpour, who took over “This Week” in August 2010, wrote in a statement supplied by ABC News.

Although celebrated as a war correspondent and international-affairs reporter, Amanpour was considered an awkward fit on “This Week,” which like rivals “Meet the Press” on NBC and “Face the Nation” on CBS subsists mainly on the weekly rough-and-tumble of American politics. Ratings have dwindled in recent months; when Stephanopolous helmed the program, “This Week” sometimes threatened longtime leader “Meet the Press.”


Greeks dump the Euro


LONDON — It would be Europe’s worst nightmare: after weeks of rumors, the Greek prime minister announces late on a Saturday night that the country will abandon the euro currency and return to the drachma.


Athens at night. One study done in France says a return to the drachma would mean a paradise of bargains for tourists in Greece

Instead of business as usual on Monday morning, lines of angry Greeks form at the shuttered doors of the country’s banks, trying to get at their frozen deposits. The drachma’s value plummets more than 60 percent against the euro, and prices soar at the few shops willing to open.

Trump dumps debate plans

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I think he just needs a new hair piece oh wait that is his hair.  He did a lousy job of spinning his backout.

Trump pulls out of debate

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(CNN) Donald Trump pulled out of the debate he was scheduled to host on Dec. 27 with conservative media organization Newsmax, according to a statement from the real estate mogul.

Trump, who considered a Republican presidential bid earlier this year, said he will not moderate the event to avoid a conflict of interest stemming from a potential independent presidential bid.

The reasons that Trump gave made no sense he said he needed to keep his options open so he could run as an independent.