Who won GOP debate: Newt does it—again

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No one was able to knock Newt off his rhetorical perch.  He sits there firmly and did what he had to do.  He parrys and he punches back when he was confronted with the 1.6 million dollars he has earned from Fannie Mae and Freddie.   He made the right point that Dodd and Frank were sitting in the House, as elected officials when they cleaned the housing clock and set the meltdown timer on its ultimate date with a 2008 destiny.

I think Ron Paul came in as a close second with his answers.  Everyone was careful but not safe playing.  The answers to questions that ranged from foreign policy to illegal alien verification were well-thought, and no major stumbles like the 10K bet.

At one point Paul even invoked what JFK did with Cuba and Paul said he was in the service at that time and he praised Kennedy’s actions because he avoided war with Russia and Cuba.

But really even Santorum and Perry did themselves a lot of good before the Iowa voting in January.  What about Romney who leads hot on the heels of Newt?  He was steady eddy and also provided a good debate.

Bachman she just does not do anything for me.  She was not bad and I don’t pan her performance but as a congress person she is just out of her league. I don’t think she’s a Sarah Palin.  I think Palin in many ways is stronger and more magnetic. Anyway,  has a person from congress ever won the presidency? I don’t think so.

Anyway Newt won the night–again.


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