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Terrance Howard—is he depressed?

Terrence Howard at the 2007 Toronto Internatio...

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Howard and wife Michelle Ghent (biracial Eurasian IMO) are in divorce mode.  She is calling him the N word.  I’ve seen this often in mixed race couples.  The white partner resorts to calling the black one the N word or their family does it.   He has allegedly thought about killing himself and is also exhibiting tons of self-destructive behavior.  Terrance you got money–get help before it’s too late.

11) Over Thanksgiving weekend, Terrence Howard called Michelle Ghent Howard and told her “I felt like killing myself today.” He stalked her for several days after, on the telephone, until he sent the following email on Dec. 2:

“If you wanted, you could crush me with the push of a button. I have no recourse, I have pleaded with Jehovah to fortify my heart that I do not fall into angry and revengeful retaliation against my forsaken love.



The New Hampshire Horse Race

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Mitt prevails

We have new frontrunners this time around.  Huntsman is not leading the race but he’s in it this time.  Mitt Romney has a commanding lead.  Then there is Ron Paul will he breakaway from the pack. 

Newt seems to be discounted goods these days but he can make a comeback or surge again in the polls.  When the pacs get done with Mitt who will be the last man standing?

Tonight’s winner: Romney; Huntsman; Paul