Melissa Harris-Perry to get show on MSNBC

It seems that MSNBC loves biracial women.  She is born the same year as my daughter.  But my daughter (multiracial) has green eyes and natural hair that looks like a Diana Ross wig.

So, yet another biracial woman from a middle class educator background has landed a plum job on the network that begins February 4 in the 10-12 slot.  Does that mean she is moving from NOLA in order to do the show?  She recently married and recently changed her hair to look more black with the fat weave braids.  It will pull out your hair eventually Melissa.  I asked for more diversity on TV but it seems it’s more like biracial diversity.  That’s okay too.  What are her credentials? She is a poli-sci professor which makes her an instant professional pundit.  She has a good sense of humor too.  We will see how long it lasts.

Melissa was born in 1973, daughter of William M. Harris, Sr., the dean of Afro-American affairs at the University of Virginia and Diana Gray, a white community college professor and activist who worked for non-profits that assisted poor communities. Melissa has said of her heritage, “I’ve never thought of myself as biracial. I’m black.” Perhaps her next book might look at the psychology and life choices of biracial persons in America, given both her attitudes and the problems of our President.

Above is a sarcastic sort of blog about why Rachel Maddow stand ins end up with their own show? Two so far and that is significant if you ask me. 


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  1. The interesting thing about Melissa is that she appears to be exclusively black although she may have been chosen becaus of her mulatto orientation. Since punditry is about opinionating through relativity and referencing, television seeks to utilize those whose points of reference are Eurocentric so that they can proselytize a Eurocentric world view. I am enamored with the fact that her father was an African American studies professor, and I am eager to see if she obligates herself to upholding Afrocentric syllogisms in the face of supremist dogam.

    • She is very much a black woman by everything I’ve read and heard of her. She looks black though biracial and maybe why she was chosen. She looks like an ordinary black multiracial woman from Chicago or New Orleans IMO.

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