Gingrich Gob-smacks John King and Romney in S.C.

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Newt could win SC

Ouch! Gingrich took a big bite out of John King’s butt last night for asking that question or rather gossip on the stump about his ex saying that Newt wanted an open marriage.  He let King have it right between the eyes.

After last night’s debate and Gingrich came out the clear winner.  Santorum did well for himself attacking both Mitt and Newt simultaneously.  He’s a bad ass that Santorum.  But I predicted more than once that Newt would win the GOP nomination.   After many fits and starts he is gaining on the field.

According to the latest polls Gingrich is leading Romney by like 6 points in South Carolina.   The voting begins on Saturday.

In the debate John King opened by asking about the gossip from Newt’s ex wife.  WTF was the common response.  No one wanted to touch that one.  King was wrong for asking that one.  The debated turned to illegal immigration in the end and everyone sort of agreed that people need to go back home and get in line.  We are also so happy that Perry took himself out of the race.

Saturday should be interesting.  Remember when Obama won SC.

PS my two stock picks BAC and SIRI have both gained over a dollar in the last weeks.


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