SC Gov. Nikki Haley is white

English: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

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Nikki Haley is of Indian ethnicity.  Indian is NOT a race it is a brown ethnic group found within the Caucasian persuasion.  I don’t know why people insist on equating north Indians, not Native Americans, as black or minority.  They are in NO way black, they have melanin, but are not browns.  It’s like saying a dark Italian who lives here is a minority.  Yes, in the sense that they are part of a ethnic group like Mediterranean, which is one classification of white folks.

Not everyone is Anglo-Saxon. That is not the only way to be white.  One way is to come to America and you will be granted whiteness when you get off the boat or plane or out of the Rio Grande.  Mexicans are white according to the government, your feds.   It’s also been boiled down to two ethnic groups: hispanic and non hispanic.  Nikki would be a non hispanic white or Asian.  But technically Asians are Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.  Asia is a country.  Pakistanis, Iranians, and Persians (Indians) are Aryans by birth by language root because they are part of the  Indo-European language family.



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  1. “Indian is NOT a race it is a brown ethnic group found within the Caucasian persuasion. ”

    Then it would make sense to abandon the black/white ethnic categories, since it really has nothing to do with color. Right?

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