Facebook (FB) IPO: Morgan Stanley and Bank of America partner-up

English: Logo of Morgan Stanley

The big winner

We now know that facebook will trade under “FB” but not which exchange it will be traded on.  Google and Apple trade on the Nasdaq as do most technical stock.  So that’s my bet.

Huffpo got it wrong on the leader and the symbol.

As I stated before I bought BAC at prices as low as 5/share and even 6/share.  The stock is over 7/share.  The company looks good on many fronts. One it is going to help facebook with its IPO.  But MS or Morgan Stanley will manage the bulk of the IPO with other banks lending a hand.

I bought MS yesterday and it went up a whole dollar today on the news that last night FB chose it over Goldman SachsWall Street was surprised.  On Monday it was in closed talks with FB and the name of MS was bandied about as possible keeper of the huge IPO.  It was good public info and I acted on it.  People are often advised to buy or hold options in stocks that partake in larger banks such as those who make parts for Apple.

Yes, I do plan to put money in the new FB IPO but it won’t be available until May.  Until then I will let my stocks gain in value and sell what I need and bring in more funds to buy stock.  I will be able to see which stocks are gaining most.  But guess what January is the best month in years.  Except for ONE stock all have increased greatly in value including AMD which has gained over 2/share since I bought it.

I tried to give advice however I am not a licensed broker or anything just friendly advice based on my research.

The financials and the banks are back.  They are more expensive but at 7.39 I think BAC is still a bargain and at 19.69 MS is still a buy because Goldman Sachs is selling at over 100/share.


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