Komen’s “Pink” is code for white women

365d7- I Stand with Planned Parenthood

365d7- I Stand with Planned Parenthood (Photo credit: badlyricpolice)

In case you missed it: Komen Foundation has reinstated funding to Planned Parenthood.

It makes me laugh every time I see the “pink” stuff that comes from the greedy Komen foundation.  They are concerned about “pink” women, which I know to be code for white women.  That’s easy because by percentages Jewish (white) women are more likely to contract breast cancer than any other group.  Komen is Jewish and her organization wants to help white women primarily and anybody else, well, that’s an aside. 

Komen is headed by a Jewish woman Karen Handel who is the one who pushed the defunding of Planned Parenthood. 

I have not check the stats but if I did I would have to say that Jewish women probably have the lowest rate of abortion than any other group for a number of reasons. They believe in marriage, and they believe in propagating the race and they usually have the resources and the means to have a “private” abortion or to keep the baby. 

Do they care about funding Planned Parenthood? I don’t think so.  I’ve used PP in the past.  The focus was always two things: contraceptives (freely given) and abortion referral (at an affordable cost).  In Chicago they were downtown.  You could also get a PAP smear from them and a general check up.  I got free contraceptives such as the diaphragm from them.  It worked well and there were few side effects. 

But for anyone to tell you that their primary purpose is breast cancer detection it wasn’t in my day.  Oh of course they would feel your breasts for lumps but that was about it.  How much does it take to do that?  But as far as mamograms they did not do those.  I don’t believe in them anyway and I’ve been proven correct on that score.  Mamograms should be used rarely and wisely and not commonly. 

Is PP a good thing? For women of color and those who don’t have the resources of middle class white women or any class it is essential.  It gives you a sense of control.

As for Catholics and their rant over have to conform: they are hypocrites to think that Catholics some don’t practic birth control.  What would Kennedy do?  I think he would probably uphold what the Catholics want.  Mind you abortion was still not widespread in the 1960s but women were still getting abortions if they had the money and the birth control was on the black market for women who knew where to go. 

Komen cares about Komen’s own: Jewish, white women who are genetically predisposed for breast cancer. 


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, but then you probably knew that from visiting my blog. thanks for stopping by

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