In case you missed it: Mimi Alford interview @ Rock Center (8 mins)

The same story sex sells.  I find the story plausible because jack needed to debase women because of maternal neglect.   This led to untreated mental illness like depression.  For what it’s worth the woman could have said hell no.   She didn’t why? I don’t buy abuse of power.  She will suffer for these sordid tales.


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Meaning of "trough" -- Trough is the bottom of a transverse wave. And generically means a low point or a place to fill. Venus is related to this meaning. Veins are to be filled, and venusian people are loving. The left is more venusian than the right, hence The Trough--where Heloise helps the great and the small. Heloise the politico from Physics preacher, blogger, gardener, beach lover, book lover, writer, author.

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  1. We should all learn to be more like president kennedy. He was a sociopath who got away with it because of his power. He was fun & playful, and what not to concerned of his reputation. He was able to give pay offs to others to protect his reputation. Kennedy worked hard and played hard. His personality traits were no great, but he made them work well for himself. If he were alive today, he would not like all the new nosey applications that are available today

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