Whitney: Death by Xanax




Already the coroner said that there was not ENOUGH water in her lungs to have caused death by drowning.  It’s pretty easy to open the lungs and look for water.  They can get samples for drug testing and then release her body because there is no foul play involved.  Now they are saying her aunt found her.  The aunt laid out her clothes and left for an hour or so and when Whitney was not out of the bathroom she went in, found her, pulled her out of the tub and started CPR.  Well, that’s not what they said before.  I think maybe they said the bodyguard did it because it was just easier to say.  Or the media got it wrong like they so often do.

I don’t get this. Maybe because I don’t drink it makes no sense for someone to take prescription drugs, which are poison and toxic, and drink like a fish all the alcohol they want to guzzle.

I am taking meds for depression, but my sisters have taken Xanax but I am on Paxil (which is prescribed for me to take at night before bedtime). Not sure how Xanax is taken but most drugs like this are taken first thing in the morning or last thing at night. 

I know ONE THING  these drugs are clearly labeled “DO NOT TAKE WITH ALCOHOL” there is a reason for this warning.  Whitney has fully demonstrated that there is death by Xanax or any prescription drug for any reason if it labeled not to take with alcohol which many of them are.

It is another case of slow suicide by spoon I call it.  Or in this case slow suicide by bottle!

Whitney killed herself with the likes of Bobby and self-medication.  She won’t rest in peace but will have to return and do it right. 

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