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“Behind the Beautiful Forevers” what I am reading now

I hope to make my writing comeback with a review of this wonderful book about life in the slums of Mumbai in contemporary India.  You will never guess where the title came from for this book.


Ron Paul’s Shameful newsletter past


Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

Ron "Creepy" Paul


You can read through over 50 scans of the newsletters that Ron Paul claimed he NEVER saw and NEVER wrote.  Oh well, we have a bridge over a swamp to sell if you buy those lies. Why can’t the REPUBS get their political act together ?


Romney wins Maine caucus

IMO Romney is dying a sort of slow political death.  Win or lose he is still dying on the political vine.

CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) – Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are the names that come up the most when Republicans are asked who they would like to see as their party’s vice presidential nominee, according to a new survey.

Rubio is mentioned 66 times in a study conducted by Fairleigh Dickenson University’s PublicMind poll. Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania who in the past week and a half has surged to front-runner status in the race for the GOP nomination, is mentioned as the running mate 56 times, with Christie grabbing 47 mentions.

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Did you catch Linslide on Sunday?

English: Palo Alto native and Harvard Universi...

won by a Linslide

I recorded the game because it was the Mavs vs Knicks.  Wow is all I can say.  Jeremy Lin played his best ball ever vaulting him into the basketball stratosphere near single-handedly.  He made his free throws and steals and points like 28 which is unheard of in one game.  This guy is headed for the Michael Jordan stats if he keeps this up.

It’s unfortunate that ESPN writer lost his cool and his job by writing “A chink in the armour” after the Knicks and Lin lost one lousy game.  Lin said that word “chink” which is equivalent to the N-word is what people used to taunt him.  He is Chinese and for some reason they get way more taunts than any other racial group.  Maybe because they look different.  But like Africans all white people have Chinese blood and genes in them just like we all have African blood.

Keep up the Linslide into the hall of fame….(my new pun on Lin LINSLIDE)