Daily Archives: February 21, 2012

Another debate before the AZ and MI primaries this week

There will be one debate this week I think it’s tonight with all the contenders on stage.  It will be the only debate before the few voters who will turn out in AZ and MI go to the polls to vote.  Mitt should win both primaries because of proximity and that he has lived in a bunch of states.  How did Mexican daddy Romney end up living in MI and becoming its gov I have no idea.

But his dad sounds like a regular guy.  Rmoney is plastic and manufactured. 


Swiss Mitt Pulls ahead of Rick Roll in Michigan

Well, after spending millions and outspending Rick by a lot of Rmoney he should be beating him.  But is that really winning considering he is underperforming his 2008 self? 

Mitt is a loser anyway you slice it.